NFL First Week Odds and Best Bets: Analysts Give Picks for the Perfect 10 . Contest

There are plenty of ways to have fun during NFL season – watch from home, from the field, play fantasy football, and of course win money with your bets.

Now, thanks SI SportsbookThere is a way to:

1. Make money ($10,000)

2. Enjoy

3. Do it for free

The 10 perfect game At SI Sportsbook is a weekly contest where anyone can play for free and win up to $10,000.

it is easy. Pick ten games, and if they all win, you’ll win up to $10,000. You are not competing against anyone. The more games you predict correctly, the more money you win in free bets and if you go 10 against 10, you Win 10 thousand dollars.

So, what games should you choose?

The betting and NFL analysts at Sports Illustrated are here to help. Below you will find our team’s best bets in the SI Sportsbook Perfect 10 competition.

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