Prince Harry was in the air, not in Balmoral, when the Queen’s death was announced

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Prince Harry was not at Balmoral Castle when the Queen’s death was announced.

flight tracking data It appears that Harry’s plane landed at Aberdeen Airport at 6:46 pm, more than 15 minutes after the official announcement at 6:30 pm local time.

A plane carrying the Duke of Sussex arrives at Aberdeen Airport as Prince Harry travels to Balmoral Castle following the announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Paul Campbell – PA Images / Getty

The daily Mail mentioned He was then taken to Balmoral by private car, and arrived shortly before eight in the evening

The palace declined to say why Harry had not been announced, or why he was unable to travel with William, Edward, Sophie and Andrew, who had traveled to Scotland on a flight that arrived several hours earlier. Pictures of William leading the group to Balmoral were widely circulated.

However, Harry’s late arrival will inevitably be interpreted in some quarters as disdain and further evidence of the persistence of bad blood between the Sussexes and the greater clan of Windsor.

The Duke of Sussex arrives at Balmoral, Scotland.

Andrew Milligan – PA Images / Getty

There were no plans, until the Queen’s death, for Harry and Meghan to spend any time with the rest of the royal family, although Harry and Meghan live close to William and Kate Middleton during their stay in the UK. Beware of spending time with Harry, especially as the publication of his memoirs approaches, the contents of which remain unknown.

It is not clear why she did not come. You may have made a very reasonable decision not to get involved in the family’s grief. But it’s at least likely that Charles would ask her not to.

Duncan Larcombe

Duncan Larcombe, former royal editor of the British tabloid Sun Prince Harry’s biographer, told The Daily Beast, “Earlier today Omid Scobie, who appears to have become Harry and Meghan’s spokesperson, announced that Meghan will travel to Balmoral with Harry.

Then, a few hours later, there was a clarification from him that in fact, Meghan would not be making the trip after all.

‘It is not clear why she did not come. She may have made a very reasonable decision not to interfere in the family’s grief. But it is likely that Charles would at least ask her not to.’

Admittedly, it also seems strange that no place for Harry was found on the previous flight. But it was a messy day, and they fly separately as a rule. For example, when I was on a joint royal tour of the two brothers in South Africa, they always boarded different trips.

But it’s not as strict a rule as it once was, especially since George, Charlotte, and Louis have ousted Harry in the order of succession. I thought for Harry, getting off that plane and actually seeing the ad was a very humbling experience.”

Harry was only in the UK, not in Montecito, California, where he now lives with his family, by chance. He and Meghan arranged to attend a number of charity events in the UK and Germany this week. They were supposed to attend the WellChild Awards in London tonight – a look that inevitably got canceled.

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