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Kardashian fans are in shock as Ray J slams Kim into a furore after Kris Jenner denies leaking her daughter’s sex tape on TV

RAY J has blasted Kim Kardashian and her mother, Kendall Jenner, into a furor after the girl denied leaking a sex tape of her daughter.

In a rant on Instagram, the rapper had the same vulgar and graphic message.


true opinion cCredit: Instagram
Kim Kardashian walks out of the Fendi show in New York City


Kim Kardashian walks out of the Fendi show in New York CityCredit: Splash News

“YOU f**ked with THE WRONG BLACK MAN krisjennerkimkardashian – I DON’T GIVE AF**K how old this **T!!

What you’re trying to do to me is mostly inhumane and dangerous at the highest level – F**K that’s just my race – that’s wrong to do to anyone – you think you can just avoid other people and get rid of that forever!!!

That’s where you are wrong – I represent the army of the gods!!! And now it’s about to be an easy win for you, devils and artists.”

Earlier this week, the famous “momager” was asked a series of questions during a polygraph test on the Late Late Show with James Corden.

While laughing, James asked Kris, “Did you help Kim launch her sex tape?”

Chris rolls her eyes at her while the audience calls her “AWESOME!”

Umm Al-Waqi’ah answers: “It’s okay. No.”

After she was told that her answer was correct, a wave of shock and relief passed over her face.

“Thank you!!” She shouted, while Kylie and the audience applauded.

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