Hackett Bronco explains the option to try a 64-yard late field goal

Monday night’s brunch match between the Broncos and the Seahawks was clouded by Russell Wilson’s return to Seattle. In the end, though, the man wasn’t in the center of attention on the court to play the most important game.

It was the result of questionable round-the-clock management and bizarre decisions by first-year Denver coach Nathaniel Hackett, who was making his first appearance with the team after spending the past three seasons as the Packers offensive coordinator. After 17-16, the Broncos took charge on their 22-yard line with just over four minutes to play and all three timeouts remaining. The offense turned the clock away as they got close to the midfield, but they took a lot of time, leaving Wilson with 20 seconds left in a fourth and 5th encounter from the 46-yard Seattle line.

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