Donovan Lewis’ sister, Tatiana Crowder, drowns in Ricky Anderson, the Columbus cop who killed him

The Columbus cop who shot Donovan Lewis while the unarmed 20-year-old was in bed last month was previously fired from the force after being criminally charged in connection with a bank side party.

The shooting did not involve the use of force, and an arbitrator later reinstated Officer Ricky Anderson. She told the Daily Beast that learning about the history renewed the anger and hurt that Louis’s sister felt.

“If we do these kinds of things in any normal job, you won’t get your job anymore,” Tatiana Crowder, 28, told The Daily Beast.

She was outraged by the fact that, like most officers who use lethal force, Anderson continues to get paid.

“Like, that should be a deterrent not to shoot people because you don’t get paid time off in your home,” she told The Daily Beast.

The revelation of the 30-year-old law enforcement veteran’s history came via his profile, which was obtained by The Daily Beast on Wednesday. Anderson, who joined the force in December 1991, was put on leave after Lewis was shot early in the morning of August 30.

The 137-page file states that in May 2004 Anderson was terminated for “cause” after a hearing with the Department of Public Safety. While details of the incident were not mentioned in the report, a police spokesperson told The Daily Beast that the incident was “not related to the use of force” and Anderson was reinstated after he and the fraternal police ordered his termination.

“We can’t comment on the personnel file that we haven’t seen,” Mark Collins, one of Anderson’s attorneys, told The Daily Beast on Wednesday. These are work related issues. No matter what is in his personnel file, there is nothing in it that has anything to do with a split-second decision he was forced to make.”

according to Columbus DispatchAnd the Anderson was indicted in 2003 after allegedly accepting payment to guard a bank — even though he had not provided the service. The newspaper reported that he confessed to the theft and expunged his record, and was reinstated in November 2004 by a federal arbitrator who said the city should have given the officer a suspension.

Anderson’s home office history also shows 10 complaints filed against him during his career. History, first mentioned before sendcomplaint regarding the 2019 accident – although details were not immediately available.

Rex Elliott, a lawyer representing the Lewis family, told The Daily Beast that Anderson’s personnel file only raises more questions – including how the officer was still allowed to carry a firearm despite his previous involvement in a crime. He also criticized the police for the way they communicated – and failed to communicate – with the Lewis family after the shooting, saying they “showed complete disregard for the family”.

“It’s amazing that they couldn’t have been more sympathetic to the family,” Elliott added.

Eighteen years after its release, Anderson was captured in body camera footage depicting Louis while he was in bed. Police said the incident began around 2:30 a.m. on August 30, when officers tried to notify Louis of a felony order in a second-floor apartment on Sullivant Street.

Court records show a misdemeanor arrest warrant for Lewis for domestic violence, improper handling of a firearm, and assault. A criminal complaint in August in Franklin County Municipal Court says Lewis’ girlfriend told police the two had an argument in Westgate Park, where he pushed her.

Body cam footage initially released on the day of the shooting showed that after knocking for about eight minutes and arresting two other men in the apartment, several officers went to the back bedroom where Lewis was sleeping – and that he was shot about a second later from shooting. open the door. Lewis’ hand raised when Officer Anderson, who was carrying a K-9, fired a single shot.

Two officers can then be seen handcuffing the wounded Louis and pulling him out of the apartment before finally providing assistance. Lewis was pronounced dead at a local hospital shortly thereafter. The search warrant and evidence of the incident show that no firearms were found in Lewis’ apartment – and that a vape pen was collected from his bed.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation has also opened an investigation into Lewis’ death.

Crowder called Lewis ‘Forever 18’, the guy who stood over her at 6’2 but was an ‘eternally little kid,’ and confirmed he was a good guy who loves dancing, TikTok, and sports.

While she said that Lewis briefly experienced homelessness, he was a hard worker and often worked odd jobs for his sister to earn money.

The personnel file released Wednesday included an audio of a 9-1-1 call from Lewis’ mother, Rebecca Doran, shortly after the fatal shooting.

“I need to try and find out if the police called my son’s girlfriend — she might have been shot by the police. I don’t know if he’s dead or not,” Doran says on the call.

She also asks the dispatcher – sometimes barely uttering words between tears – for information on whether there has been a police shooting in Westside, Columbus. She is also heard asking which hospital he might be in.

“Please, what hospital does someone usually take in? Like he might be dead and I need to know.”

“We’ll have someone call you as soon as we can, OK?” Sender promised.

Crowder’s 911 call was also included in documents obtained by The Daily Beast – but Crowder said Columbus BD never called her. (A police spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment on her claim.)

“Actually we didn’t even know he passed away,” she said. “We found out from the news. They didn’t even tell us.”

She remembered that two years before the date her brother died, she had taken part in a Black Lives Matter protest holding a sign that said “It could be my brother.”

“It’s just like nothing has changed at all.”

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