It’s time to describe MAGA as a threat to national security

Former President Donald Trump and his MAGA movement’s full embrace of violent extremism and hateful conspiracy theories gave President Joe Biden and Democrats the perfect opportunity to formally declare MAGA and its allies as an active terrorist threat.

Ideally, President Biden would have made this announcement in We stand united at the top Held at the White House, it was attended by leaders of a diverse community from across the country to discuss best strategies and practices to confront the violence that fuels hate and affects our democracy and public safety. But the opportunity is still there.

If we are to be frank and honest, this “hate-fueled violence” that threatens all of our societies essentially comes from one source: the incestuous network of MAGA representatives, promoted by the Republican Party and the right-wing media, who have growing threats to law enforcement and Democrats The teachers, the poll watchers, the doctors, the Republicans who don’t support Trump, and anyone and every institution that stands in the way of a white Christian national utopia.

Earlier this week, 53-year-old Trump fanatic Igor Lanes in Michigan killed his wife and seriously injured one of his children. He was also killed after he fired his rifle at the police. His daughter, Rebecca Lannis, told The Daily Beast that her father’s embrace of the QAnon conspiracy theory was “a very big contributor to what happened.” She said he was once a “very loving” dad with no history of violence, but that all changed after Trump lost in 2020. According to Ennis, her dad stuck to the big lie and started collapsing into “crazy rabbit holes” which eventually It radicalized him and culminated in bloodshed.

Notably, Ashley Babbitt, who was shot dead by Capitol police on January 6 after attempting to illegally enter the Capitol, It was also radicalized in part by QAnon’s conspiracies. She has now been lauded by Representative Paul Gosar, an ally of the white nationalists, and seen in some right-wing circles. martyr.

In 2019, the FBI QAnon declared an internal terrorist threat in an internal memo. A hateful conspiracy theory believes that a deep case of liberals is secretly running an international child sex trafficking ring. The FBI has warned that QAnon has the potential to radicalize individuals or groups ahead of the 2020 elections.

The year is now 2022 and the former president has spent the past weeks promoting QAnon’s content on his Truth Social, ever since the FBI searched his Mar-a-Lago residence and found hundreds of top-secret and top-secret documents. Alex Kaplan, Senior Researcher at Media Matters, reports that Trump has boosted at least 50 accounts that support QAnon to his 4 million followers. since summer More than a dozen Republican candidates who support QAnon have won the primaries. It is very likely that some of these potential terrorist threats will roam the halls of Congress in 2023.

Influential right-wing hate peddlers – like the woman behind the Libs of TikTok account and Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire – have captured the “nanny” panic and used it to attack medical professionals and hospitals.

On August 11, Libs of TikTok He falsely claimed that Boston Children’s Hospital was working Hysterectomy in children. On August 15, Matt Walsh falsely said that the hospital was putting “Every little boy… is on his way to being sterilized and slaughtered before he can even speak.“Unsurprisingly, the hospital has since I’ve faced a deluge of threats, hate messages, and harassment since then. (This Thursday, the FBI announced the arrest of a Massachusetts woman over a bomb threat.)

Rachel Rollins, center, United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts, Joseph R. Bonavolonta, left, FBI special agent in charge of the Boston field office, and Michael Cox, right, Boston Police Commissioner announce that Katherine Levy, 37, of Westfield was arrested on charges of making a false bomb threat to Children’s Hospital in the prosecutor’s office General of the United States in the Court of John Joseph Mokley, United States.

Boston Globe/Getty Images

Quick recap: The domestic terrorist threat is amplified by the former president of the United States, the head of the Republican Party—a party that currently supports and advocates for extremist candidates, working with critics promoting hateful plots that radicalized individuals to harass, intimidate and threaten violence.

One would think that these revelations in light of the recent violence would lead the news cycle. However, since Trump is a white man, and the criminal suspects are not Muslims, there is no war on terror. Instead, some media Bending back to draw Republican viewers and criticize President Biden To speak in front of the US Marines, as Republican and Democratic presidents have done many times before him.

The lesson is that it’s okay to be a MAGA white supremacist. Just look at Arizona Rep. Mark Fenchem.

If you’re from MAGA, you can hold office, be an active member of the far-right hate group that participated in the January 6 coup attempt, and come close to becoming Arizona State Secretary. Finchem, who actively promotes the big lie, recently accused former Vice President Mike Pence of orchestrating a coup against Trump. He is also a proud member of the oath’s guards, whose leaders will go to trial this month Conspiracy to incite sedition For allegedly helping Trump in his failed coup.

The year is now 2022 and the former president has spent the past weeks promoting QAnon’s content on his Truth Social, ever since the FBI searched his Mar-a-Lago residence and found hundreds of top-secret and top-secret documents.

Last week, the Anti-Defamation League Center on Extremism They have identified more than 370 Oath Keeper members who believe they are currently working for law enforcement agencies. last year, BuzzFeed News reported That 28 elected officials are linked to the violent anti-government group that believes the “deep state” has taken over the federal government and plans to enslave them.

A member of the right-wing group Oath Keepers stands guard during a rally in front of the US Supreme Court on January 5, 2021 in Washington, DC.

Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

In August, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security Issuing a joint intelligence bulletin warning of escalating threats and attacks on law enforcement agencies After the legal seizure of highly classified and sensitive documents found in Mar-a-Lago. Fox News and right-wing media jumped on the story and promoted “deep state” conspiracy theories. inevitably inspired a Darwin Prize winner to launch a deadly attack on the FBI مكتب in Ohio.

This news is already in the trash. Fortunately, keep the receipts.

According to the FBI, domestic terrorism is defined as “Violent criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to achieve other ideological goals stemming from local influences, such as those of a political, religious, social, ethnic or environmental nature.” In case you’ve forgotten, thousands of Trump supporters were instigated, in part, to attack the nation’s Capitol on January 6 as part of his failed coup attempt to topple our democracy. they were Armed with rifles, baseball bats, stun guns, batons flagpole, pepper spray and ropes, one suspect allegedly planted bombs. Their actions fit the FBI’s definition of a T.

We cannot dismiss them as extreme values. They are not the exception. They are the base of the Republican Party.

More than half of the Republican Senate candidates have “You have rejected, questioned, or attempted to overrule the results of the 2020 elections.” This includes the retired brigadier general of the US Army. General Don Boldock, who just won the Republican primary for the New Hampshire Senate seat — despite the super-compliant PAC with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell — spent $4 million to support Boldock’s least-crazy opponent in the Republican Party, Chuck Morse. For his part, Bolduc channeled Leonidas and celebrated his victory in fancy dress –Appears with a small shield with arrows Symbolizes his victorious victory over the establishment of the Republican Party. (Oddly enough, two days after he won the primaries, buldock tipperrecognition that Biden is the “legitimate” president.

The sad truth is that Boldock, Fenchem, and Gosar—along with Representatives Marjorie Taylor Green, Lorraine Popartt, Matt Gaetz, and Pennsylvania GOP candidate Doug Mastriano—are the present and future of the GOP.

Republican Senate candidate Don Boldock greets his supporters at a city hall event on September 10, 2022 in Laconia, New Hampshire.

Scott Eisen/Getty Images

If we don’t talk, we will be complicit in normalizing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, hate, threats, and “brutal” Recklessness just because they’re conservative, white, and Republican. If MAGA’s extreme violence is not terrorism, then we must retire the word forever, or we must finally admit that we are comfortable using it only when the suspects are black and brown.

However, President Biden, elected officials, law enforcement, and leaders from various institutions now have an opportunity to build on Biden’s bold statements and move forward to save our fledgling democracy: declaring MAGA as an active terrorist threat to our nation and finally addressing it that way – rather than being coddled under the pretext of urbanization, The illusion of bipartisanship, and hope to get good TV ratings.

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