King Charles told Prince Harry of Queen Elizabeth’s death five minutes before the official announcement

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Prince Harry was only told of the Queen’s death by his father five minutes before the official announcement, it was revealed.

Victoria Ward, esteemed royal correspondent for Daily TelegraphAnd the He made this startling claim on Sundayamid a deep sense that the relationships and trust between Harry and Windors are at rock bottom, and that the carefully curated presentations of a united front are merely cosmetic.

If Ward’s claim is accurate, and there appears to be no reason to doubt it, it means that the Prime Minister, Liz Truss, knew the Queen had died at least two hours before the death of the Queen’s grandson, Harry.

A reliable source told The Daily Beast that the Queen died shortly after 5 pm

While Charles is understood to have called his sons to tell them to arrive in Scotland on the Thursday morning she died, Ward says Harry “received this call sometime after Prince William”.

Ward notes that Harry was not invited to join the RAF flight that took William, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie to Scotland, saying that instead, his aides were left struggling to book his private jet that took off from Luton Airport at 5.35. evening, which, Ward says, was an hour after Truss was informed of the Queen’s death.

Charles was eventually able to get to Harry on his private plane, and after that call, the statement was released at 6:30 p.m. Harry’s plane landed 16 minutes later.

He did not see his father or brother on Thursday night, as they were taken away to a private dinner at Charles’ home on the Balmoral estate, leaving Harry to dine with Andrew, Edward and Anne.

Harry is also said to have been devastated when the military uniform he was given to wear at his grandmother’s vigil was not adorned with the late queen’s royal EIIR blade, signifying that the wearer was the monarch’s trusted “camp assistant” telegraph He said.

A military source told the Daily Beast: “It was in disdain for Harry that Andrew was allowed to wear it while he was also no longer Royal ‘on duty.’ He twists the knife a little bit.”

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