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The View fans criticized Alyssa Farrah Griffin and Anna Navarro for mispronouncing the A-list actress’ name in a live-stream slip.

THE VIEW fans have criticized two hosts for mispronouncing the Emmy-winning actress’ name.

Alyssa Farrah Griffin and Anna Navarro said Zendaya was wrong after discussing a paragraph about men’s height.


The panel talked about short men who undergo surgery to make themselves tallercredit: ABC
Alyssa Farrah Griffin has spoken out about a huge difference between Zendaya and Tom Holland, but the actress's name is pronounced wrong.


Alyssa Farrah Griffin has spoken out about a huge difference between Zendaya and Tom Holland, but the actress’s name is pronounced ABC

On Friday’s episode, co-hosts spent the hour fully discussing hot topics.

“It may seem like women always get something more or less surgical,” Joy Behar led the clip.

“But according to GQ, men who want to be taller turn to, this is a horrific and painful process called leg lengthening.”

Then I explained how the surgery would go.

Anna from The View criticizes co-host Sunny for inappropriate behavior
The View fans make fun of Alyssa Farrah Griffin for her looks

The 79-year-old continued, saying that there were a lot of men in history who were short and successful.

The co-hosts read a study that said that men with statistical impairments had lower chances of careers and romantic relationships.

Then they mentioned famous men of smaller height and those who are shorter than females.

Alyssa talked about the matter and said, “I don’t have strong feelings about male longevity, but I think having the right personality and openness can help.”

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“Okay, now I’m calling him Zendaya’s friend, I don’t think he’s a big icon, but he’s short. He’s so cute.”

She pronounced her name Zend-EYE-a.

“Tom-Tom Holland,” Sunny Hostin told her.

Zendaya is 5’10 while Tom is 5’8, but with heels, she’s a lot taller than him.

I asked Joey his identity and the women explained.

Anna told Joy that she and the co-host don’t know Zendaya or Tom, so just “go ahead.”

He pronounced the 26-year-old’s name the same way.

The name of the Spider-Man actress is supposed to be pronounced as Zen-DAY-a.

Fans reaction

Fans of The View ran to social media to comment on the way the co-hosts said Zendaya’s name.

One fan wrote: “The fact that (2) the co-host misspelled that girl’s name: It sounds like zen-die-a, ITS ZENDAYA. #TheView.”

Another wrote “#TheView Welp, I just learned I’m pronouncing Zendaya wrong.”

A third asked, “Do they know that they mistakenly said the name Zendaya? #Vision.”

“By the way, it is pronounced Zen-DAY-uh, not Zen-die-uh #TheView,” one viewer noted.

One fan couldn’t believe he didn’t know who Tom Holland was.

“I love that Alyssa on #TheView just referred to Tom Holland as Zendaya’s friend during today’s conversation about guy height,” they said.

‘what is wrong with you?’

During the same clip, women talked about lifts in men’s shoes.

Sunny started the discussion about elevators and said, “Tom Cruise allegedly wears elevators. I don’t understand why this is not a fashion statement.”

“You’re wearing lifts now,” co-host Sarah Haines joked about her heels.

Wanting to show her off, Sunny leaned back in her chair, lifted one leg high and placed her heels near the table and close to Anna, who sat right next to her.

“I wear a lot of lifts,” Sunny said, smiling and showing off her high heels.

However, Anna didn’t think it was funny and raised her hand to stop her.

“Well, well, I’m not–” she said.

The disgruntled host of the show finally managed to blow Sunny up, pleading, “Please! Can we stop putting feet on the table?!”

“What’s wrong with you people?”

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The View hosts got their words and other people’s names wrong multiple times.

Zendaya recently made history as the first black woman to win a lead actress-drama series at the Emmy’s twice.

Ana Navarro kept talking about the actress and called her name wrong


Ana Navarro kept talking about the actress and called her name wrongcredit: ABC
Zendaya is often mispronounced


Zendaya is often mispronouncedCredit: AFP
Zendaya is actually only 2 inches taller than Tom Holland


Zendaya is actually only 2 inches taller than Tom Hollandcredit: Getty

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