University of Tampa student Carson Seinfeld fatally shot in ‘confusing’ circumstances

A University of Tampa student was fatally shot early Saturday morning after trying to get into a stranger’s car after a night of bar hopping.

Tampa police said the student had just taken home from an Uber when, for some unknown reason, he approached a car parked on his street and tried to get inside.

The driver in the car then shot him in the chest, telling police he “fears for his life” because he didn’t know the young man.

There was no further information on any words exchanged between the two before the driver opened fire.

While the police did not release the student’s name, a local news outlet WGRZ Reports indicate that his family identified him as Carson Seinfeld, a college student.

David Lillick, the Superintendent of Orchard Park Schools, sent a community-wide message announcing the “tragic loss” of Seinfeld, WGRZ reports.

Lillick was quoted as saying, “Given the wide circle of Carson’s friends, and the fact that my two brothers Carson attend OPHS, Orchard Park School District understands that his death has a far-reaching impact.”

Saturday is Seinfeld’s 19th birthday, he said.

Police said the driver, who has not been identified, remained at the scene after the accident and was not charged, although it is ultimately up to the prosecution to decide whether that changes.

The incident left many University of Tampa students confused as to how a good night with friends could end tragically.

“He messed up a car and it cost him his life,” said Andrew York, a freshman at the University of Tampa. WFLA.

“How could this happen to someone?” Student Erica Roberti told news outlets. This is supposed to be a safe school. It’s just scary.”

Another student, Emily Ollendorf, was quoted as saying the whole situation was “puzzling”. But, she added, “we obviously don’t know the full details about it.”


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