Biden and Democrats’ incompetence and gestures of virtue led to horrific immigrant acts from the Republican Party

In 1686, three laws of motion were revealed that revolutionized science.

Perhaps the most famous is the third: for every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. School children learn this principle in the tenth grade.

So when President Joe Biden reversed former President Donald Trump’s “stay in Mexico” policy (a move upheld by the conservative-leaning Supreme Court) last August without preparing or anticipating the obvious practical consequences, one has to wonder what he was thinking.

Trump’s initial stance in 2019 was that of political pandering – fulfilling an election campaign promise based on ethnic taste. It was not humane and was not rooted in sound politics – the opposite of American politics Long decades of practice who allow Asylum seekers awaiting resolution of their pending claims to wait in the United States.

His action, in turn, provoked a reaction: Elected Democratic officials across the country were “outraged”—and that anger took the form of fist-shaking at press conferences, in opinion pieces, and through proudly newly enacted laws. Advertise their sites “sanctuaries” Where everyone will be welcome.

Q. Joe Biden, who ran in part Rolling back Trump’s immigration policies. the problem? In fulfilling this campaign promise, the federal government failed to enact any necessary accompanying measures or preparation to ensure the reversal’s success.

In contrast, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis intervened to fill the political and governmental vacuum, using immigrants as human pawns in a chess match with Democrats, during the run-up to the election season.

While there were those in the media and on Twitter Shocked – Shocked! – To discover that there is a gamble going on here (so to speak), the strategy of moving vulnerable people across state borders is neither new nor partisan.

While the tactic appears to have been pioneered by white supremacists who bussed black Americans living in the South via the Mason-Dixon Line in the early 1960s, similar maneuvers have been deployed by Democratic mayors of big cities for decades.

In 1987, for example, New York City Mayor Ed Koch began a “resettlement program” aimed at solving the city’s homeless crisis, in part, by distributing one-way bus tickets. The New York City program has been around in one form or another for more than twenty years, moving more than 17,000 people to other areas, Including southern states such as Texas, Florida and Georgia. Twenty percent of these flights were made with expensive airline tickets Former Mayor Mike Bloomberg Annual budget of $500,000.

Abbott and Diantes A cynical and inhuman development This ancient ploy has not only unleashed a political firestorm – it has brought broader policy and government failure to the surface, demonstrating the real strain on social services that accompanies the complex nature of a crippled immigration system.

The mayor of Washington, D.C. declared a public emergency. Governor of Massachusetts Called in the National Guard. New York City’s rush to meet unexpected housing needs has strained the city’s residents Shelter system on the brink. All the while, border towns are inundating a fraction of the size with numerous immigrants every day—cities that have never declared themselves “sanctuary” havens.

The truth is that Trump and the Republicans were certainly playing politics when they enacted 2019 policy, but in reversing it without the expectation of the tens of thousands of people who would inevitably cross the border (and the logistical and practical pressure that would create), Democrats—whatever good intentions—have proven that they are not only Politicians, but they are incompetent.

Signs of political virtue become self-defeating when they are accompanied by governmental incompetence – exposing the real challenges associated with well-meaning situations, failing to address them, making your opponents’ point of view, and inadvertently shifting your supporters to the other side, thus replaying the problem.

This is true of any major political decision, but none is more politically powerful with a greater humanitarian impact than immigration.

Stop being a spectator and join the game. Start by making government work.

While radical Republican governors are busy scoring cheap political points, Democratic mayors struggle to match their pro-immigration rhetoric with social services, all while life sways.

This begs the question, where is the boss?

Immigration is, by design and necessity, a federal issue. And the federal government doesn’t deal with it. So, with all the righteous and justified anger of Republican governors, make no mistake, this disaster is right at the president’s feet. And the White House is running away from it. For guides, look no further than the travel timeline Person appointed by management.

two years ago, Another president abdicated About what was clearly a federal crisis – the burgeoning COVID-19 pandemic – leaving states and localities scrambling. He lost re-election.

The winners want the ball, and the American people respond to leadership.

So what now?

Stop being a spectator and join the game. Start by making government work.

The federal government must step in to control a truly centralized asylum system. Absent that, the government makes resolving these claims more difficult just by ensuring that it can’t track who went where.

It requires people, money and a plan.

Provide resources for local governments struggling to find accommodation and provide social services.

Address the current housing crisis the way they did Unaccompanied minors program. There, the federal government coordinated the program with state and local governments, defining capacity, handling transportation, and distributing funding. To ensure the participation of local governments, they cleverly provided financial incentives to local communities willing to shelter those in need.

Today, the federal government must immediately inject the necessary resources to increase the capacity of The immigration court system is mired in backlog. This includes providing the necessary counseling and translation services to help ensure we get a quick decision on people who deserve asylum so they can start building their lives here.

And the next time, when the president moves on to enact massive unilateral policy, his advisers will do him good to keep a seventeenth-century physicist in mind, anticipate an equal and opposite reaction going their way and plan accordingly—particularly with life at stake.


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