Buckingham Palace insists second-row seats for Harry and Meghan’s funerals were not the object of disdain

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A source at Buckingham Palace told the Daily Beast on Monday evening that there was no “contempt” targeting Prince Harry at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, and he was sitting in the second row because of his age.

The source sought to quell speculation that Harry and his wife Meghan Markle were sitting in second row in disdain after their separation from the family, telling The Daily Beast: “It was almost about age but trying not to split families.” (Harry and Meghan were sitting in the front row at the second public funeral service that day at St George’s Chapel, Windsor.)

The palace suggested that with the exception of Prince William, 40, who is now first in line to the throne, the king’s other grandchildren sat in order of age, with Peter, 44, and Zara, 41, placed in the front row. ahead of second-row passengers Harry (38), Beatrice (34) and Eugenie (32).

According to the Palace, this explains why Harry’s cousins, Princess Anne’s children, Zara and Peter, are sitting in the front row despite no royals at all, rather than speculating that Harry has been relegated to a less prominent position in response to him and his wife. Attacks on property.

The couple accused an unnamed family member of racism and Meghan gave an interview shortly before the Queen’s death in which she said they had threatened the institution’s “hierarchy” “once it existed”, and appeared to be threatening to reveal more. It is also said that the palace is very concerned about Harry’s upcoming diary.

It is clear that Harry has suffered from many enzymes since the death of the Queen.

He had not traveled to Scotland with his brother and uncles when his grandmother’s illness was first announced, he was excluded from a dinner with Charles and William the night she died, and he was forbidden to wear a military uniform until today’s funeral.

He was also reported to have only been told of the Queen’s death five minutes before it was publicly announced.

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