Joe Biden arrives at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral in ‘The Beast’. The other leaders are on the bus.

Prince George, 9, and Princess Charlotte, 7, eldest sons of William and Kate, were preparing to join the greats and the good of the world as 2,000 mourners gathered at Westminster Abbey Monday morning for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II who ruled the country. Great Britain for more than 70 years.

Joe Biden arrived just after 10 a.m. local time, and was the only world leader allowed access to the monster, the dungeon presidential limousine, in a reduced six-car motorcade. Other leaders arrived by bus. Former British Prime Ministers and current Prime Minister Liz Truss were also present.

The funeral was scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. local time, at the same chapel where the Queen was crowned in 1953, with guests including Kate Middleton’s parents Michael and Carol joining a team of world-renowned dignitaries.

As many as 100 heads of government or state were expected to attend the funeral, dwarfing the 50 who attended Nelson Mandela’s memorial. It is believed to be the largest gathering of world leaders in history.

Vladimir Putin was not invited, but there were other controversial leaders, including Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reportedly received an invitation but was not expected to attend.

Up to two million members of the public are expected to line the streets of London to pay their respects to the Queen when Her Majesty’s funeral procession makes its final journey from Westminster Abbey to Windsor, where she will be buried with her late husband, the Prince. Philip.

Several important figures were taken to the monastery by bus, after gathering at Chelsea Hospital.

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