An autopsy revealed that Nipsey Hussle had died of a bullet wound to the head and chest 11 times

Grammy-nominated rapper Nipsey Hussle was shot 11 times in the head and body during a fatal attack at his clothing store in March 2019 — just a day before he was scheduled to meet with Los Angeles police in an effort to stop gang violence.

The 33-year-old’s official autopsy report, published by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office and seen by The Daily Beast, revealed multiple gunshot wounds to the rapper – who was born in Ermias Asghedom – including a gunshot wound to the head and chest, Back, abdomen, right and left thighs, big toe, and right elbow.

The report, drawn up one day after his death, states that he was in good health when he died and notes in detail each specific gunshot wound, including point of entry, size and location. The doctor who performed the autopsy concluded that Ashgedim died as a result of a gunshot wound to the head and torso, and noted that his death was “rapid”.

A toxicology report taken from the rapper’s bloodstream revealed that Ashgedom was under the influence of marijuana, codeine and promethazine at the time of his death. Both codeine and promethazine are common ingredients found in what’s known as a “sizzurp,” “purple drink,” or “fat-free,” a recreational drug drink made by mixing a prescription strong cough or cold drink with a soft drink. Hydrocodone and hydromorphone, opioids used to treat pain, were also in the system.

Eric Holder was convicted of first-degree murder in July, and is awaiting sentencing with the possibility of serving a life sentence. The autopsy report notes that Ashgedom was in the clothing store’s parking lot with the others when “another man walked in and fired several shots, injuring them all.” The injuries of the other two victims were non-life-threatening. Police found seven .40 caliber casings at the scene.

When paramedics arrived, the rapper was unresponsive and in a “painful arrest,” the report says. Despite repeated attempts to resuscitate him while he was taken to the hospital and trauma center, Ashgedom was pronounced dead in the California hospital emergency room at 3:55 p.m.

The autopsy report ruled that his death was a murder.

Deputy District Attorney John McKinney called Holder’s actions “cold-blooded” and “calculated” during his conviction hearing, adding that he “had a long time to deliberate and deliberate.”

At the time of the shooting, Los Angeles Police Commissioner Steve Soboroff said he and the police chief were willing to meet with Hussle and Jay-Z Rock Nation “to talk about ways he can help stop gang violence and help us help the kids.”

“I am very sad,” Soborov wrote on Twitter.


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