Dwayne Johnson serves up his own meals to luxury Hollywood restaurants while getting ready for roles

We’re not quite sure how these fellows did it. Chris Hemsworth ate 10 meals a day on the road to film Thor in his latest movie, Thor: Love and Thunder.

during preparation for black AdamAnd the Dwayne Johnson It was relentless. Seriously, Dwayne Johnson has to spend a fortune on food.

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We’ll take a deeper look at the Dwayne diet and training protocol on the way to Capital Movie. Plus, we’ll also take a look at how committed the actor really is to bringing his own meals to restaurants.

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Dwayne Johnson described Black Adam’s training as the most difficult of his career

Dwayne Johnson said alongside Men’s magazine.

DJ has taken his commitment to high levels, trying to portray the strongest version of a superhero, black Adam. Now fortunately for DJ, as revealed along men’s magazineAnd the He has the advantage that he prepares for certain events In retrospect, he dates back to his college football days.

“Over the years to prepare for some really big competitions and games. That really started with my college football career at the University of Miami. We were champions at the national level and had the pleasure of competing for the national title on two other occasions.”

Johnson continued, “From there, it only got more intense, especially when I started my professional wrestling career. Getting the green light for black Adam It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to raise the level again.”

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Johnson also revealed that check-ins with his trainer were going on, since they were ‘tuning’ every part of his physique for the movie. Not only that, but during his setup, his coach has also been active regarding Johnson’s energy levels and general feelings.

In the end, the actor had to sacrifice a lot, and this was especially true of his diet.

Stephen Merchant has revealed that Dwayne Johnson is asking restaurants to heat his food

This really shows Dwayne Johnson’s commitment. When on the road or at a big meeting, the actor doesn’t deviate from his game plan. While traveling on his private jet, as we’ve seen in the posts, Johnson sticks to his basics, chicken and rice instead of a fancy meal with less protein and probably higher fat.

Not only that, but Stefan Merchant, owner Fighting with my family The co-star will also reveal it Johnson even keeps things strict when he eats at restaurants. Forget ordering a resto for a specific meal, the DJ will bring his own instead and ask the establishment to heat it up.

“I think someone has told me or maybe they told me that when he goes out to restaurants for dinner or lunch with friends, he will take his food with him and have them heat it up because it is a structured, organized diet,” Merchant announced.

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Given his busy schedule, it makes sense that DJs can’t skip important meetings, which usually take place over lunch or dinner in the Hollywood land. However, it’s remarkable to see how devoted he is to diet and looking his best on the big screen.

Dwayne Johnson used to eat six to seven meals a day while preparing Black Adam

During that black Adam Prep, Johnson was committed to eating six to seven meals a day. His meals were well-balanced, consisting of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Lean proteins like chicken and bison and carbs like white rice, oatmeal, and sweet potatoes are likely, along with healthy fats including avocado.

“I eat between six and seven meals a day, and I do my best to make them as balanced as possible with protein, carbs, good fats – and occasional sugar at the appropriate times of the day.”

Johnson also mentioned that his schedule sometimes makes eating meals very difficult, “It can be difficult. If I’m shooting a big movie, in addition to the obligations to my family, there’s a lot of dietary control going on.”

Scheduled to be released in late October, fans can’t wait to see Dwayne Johnson in black Adam Function.


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