Lukas Gage joins HBO Max series as Cat King


So the last time we checked how things were going Steve Yuki (hostess), Doom Patrol‘s Jeremy Carverand Berlanti Productions and written by Warner Bros. Television for dead boy detectivesthe eight-episode horrific detective series that emerged from the pages of DC hypnotic And the dead boy detectives The comics were a month after their writer’s room opened. In addition to, we learned Yockey will share the responsibilities of the show Beth Schwartz (Arrow, sweet tooth), which will also carry out production. And then, a change of leadership occurred with the discovery of Warner Bros. Now, with a lot of questions – including whether the series will move forward. Well, we probably got a good mark earlier today with diverse Report it exclusively Lucas Gage (White lotus, ecstasy) joined the cast (taking over the role from the previous actor Alexander Calvert). Based on the characters you created Neil Gaiman And the Matt WagnerHBO Max dead boy detectives Offers a fresh look at the ghost story by exploring loss, grief, and death through the lens of Edwin Payne (George Rextroand Charles RowlandJayden River) – The murders of two British teenagers, and their living friend, Crystal Palace (Cassius Nelson). So, it’s a lot like the old detective series…just darker (and maybe on acid). Gage’s recurring Cat King is a charming crook and roving cat spirit who cares deeply about Edwin.

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Includes additional series stars Brianna Coco (Flight attendant, Harley Quinn) like Jenny the Butcher, Ruth Connell (Supernatural) as the Night Nurse (reprising her role in HBO Max’s “Dead Patrol” episode Doom Patrol), Yoyo Kitamura (expatriates) like Niko and Jane Lyon (justified claws) as Esther. Yockey wrote the pilot and will be co-modeling Schwartz. Yuki, Schwartz, Carver, Greg Berlanti (You, the flash), And the Sarah Schechter (Flight attendant, you) are the executive producers of the series. Lee Toland Krieger (Superman and Louiscoming green lanternHe directed the pilot episode and also served as an executive producer on the side-by-side pilot David Madden (Superman and Louis). Based on characters created for DC by Gaiman and Wagner, the series was produced by Berlanti Productions in collaboration with Warner Bros. Television. “I’ve been obsessed with this comic for a long time, so it’s a real passion project. And Jeremy, Berlanti Productions, DC, WBTV, HBO Max — they all encourage me to run with whatever is beaming, weird, and disturbing the choice. The outcome will be really dark,” he said. Yockey in a statement back in April when the news was about the arrangement of the series first announced.

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