9 of the best celebrity guest appearances on New Girl

new girl It first aired in 2011 and concluded in 2018 after 7 seasons. The show is full of humor and real-life characters, and arguably one of its most notable traits is some of the best celebrity guest looks. All of these are reasons why the show has been so popular for so long.

As proof of his greatness, here are some of the best celebrity guest appearances in new girl.

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9 The prince asked to have a role in the show… on one condition.

Prince starred in the episode “Prince” during the third season of the show. In the episode, Jess and Sissy are invited to a party at the Prince’s mansion, where Nick ends up dropping an “L” on Jess while they’re about to leave. Prince ends up giving the two some relationship advice, which then leads him to release his new song, “FALLINLOVE2NITE.”

according to Interview with MTV NewsJake Johnson, who plays Nick on the show, revealed that Prince was actually a huge fan of him new girlwas specifically interested in the relationship between Nick and Jess, and wanted to play a role in which he genuinely helped their relationship grow.

In addition, he also had a strange request for his hijab, which was that he did not want to share any of the Kardashians. As it turns out, they’re set to appear in the episode as well, and like the other party goers, they showed up to shoot the scene for the show. All that said, Prince didn’t want them in it, so the scene never broke.

8 Megan Fox has replaced Jess for 15 episodes

Megan Fox guest starred on the show for 15 episodes during the show’s fifth season. On the show, Jess is away from an important jury case, but in real life, this was Zooey Deschanel’s maternity leave. Fox played Reagan, who ends up living in Jess’s room while she is away. Reagan and Nick end up falling in love with each other, and that’s just another similarity between Jess and Reagan. Once Jess returns, it makes sense to write Reagan’s character off the show, so her character ends up moving into action.

7 Dylan O’Brien met Jess after prom

In an episode called “Virgins” during the second season of New Girl, Dylan O’Brien guest appears playing the man Jess met after a high school prom. Jess details the story of how she went to prom with another guy, Jess ended up having an awkward night due to his fears in the bedroom. She ends up in the hallway, where she briefly meets Dylan O’Brien’s character. At the end of the episode, the story progresses rapidly a few years later when Jess meets O’Brien’s character again when she moves to Los Angeles. This time, the pair hang out for more than a few minutes, and end up sharing an awkward encounter in a park that leads to them stuck in the playground.

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6 Jessica Biel’s character competes with Jess

In an episode called “The Last Wedding,” Jess and her roommates set out to find romance at a wedding they’re attending. Jess ends up competing for the best man at the wedding, named Ted, with Jessica Biel’s character, Cat. In the end, none of the loft members end up going home with anyone, but it’s emotional that they don’t go home alone either, but with each other instead.

5 Jamie Lee Curtis played Jess’s mother

Throughout the show, Jamie Lee Curtis appears in several shows where he plays Jess’s mother, Joan. She starred in 6 episodes over 7 seasons, with her first appearance in the show’s second season during the episode “Parents”.

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4 Brenda Song’s character caught Winston’s eye

Brenda Song stars in 4 episodes of new girl During his second season as one of Winston’s interests, Daisy. When Winston later finds out that Daisy is cheating on him, he ends up taking her cat, which viewers know and love as Ferguson.

3 Taylor Swift made a brief look

Believe it or not, Taylor Swift appeared as a guest on the finale new girlThe second season, where she plays the role of Elaine in the episode “Ellen Big Day”. In the episode, Cece and Shivrang prepare for marriage when they both cancel the wedding because they have feelings for others. Viewers learn about Elaine, a longtime Shivrang interest, and the two apparently reunite after leaving the wedding. Taylor The inscription was very special to her fans Because of Taylor’s particular love for the show, and was particularly memorable for T-Swift fans Elizabeth Meriwether, creator new girl.

2 Gordon gave Ramsey some tough love

In season 6 of new girlGordon Ramsay made a brief appearance in the episode “Operation: Bobcat,” where Jess wins a romantic dinner for two for Chef Gordon Ramsay. However, in this Valentine’s Day episode, Jess is single, so she makes dinner alone, and Ramsey ends up giving her some tough love.

1 Andy Samberg starred in an amazing TV crossover

In the TV sitcom crossover, viewers can see it Brooklyn Nine-Nine Andy Samberg appears in new girl When the group travels from California to New York. In the episode, Samberg’s character drives Jess’s car and gets into an accident. This drives Jess to District 99 in order to work on the logistics of the damage to her car when she crashed into it. The episode entitled “Homecoming” takes place in the sixth season.

Each show aired one episode with the other cast (although Zooey Deschanel was the only one to appear in a B99 episode), and they premiered back-to-back in 2016. Damon Wayans Jr. , who plays the role of coach in new girlShe also appeared on the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, What some say Create a plot hole for both shows. In fact, some of Damon’s other roles explain why he’s leaving new girl More than once.

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