Blame the GOP “regular team” for Donald Trump’s political survival

This week offered many things reminiscent of something we’ve known for a long time: Donald Trump’s political survival was enabled by ostensibly normal Republican institutions.

Let’s start with the remarks of exiled Republican Representative Liz Cheney on Monday at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI): [January] 6 when if [House Minority Leader] Kevin McCarthy had said, “This is totally unacceptable… We’re going to default. He should have been condemned, ‘We’re going to live in a completely different country right now,'” Cheney said. “But instead, Kevin McCarthy decided to go to Mar-a-Lago and welcome Donald Trump back to the party before January was over,” Cheney continued.

Did McCarthy’s quick capitulation allow Trump to step back from the scene? It feels reasonable. But it wasn’t just McCarthy. His Senate counterpart, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, also closed his eyes at the very moment he might have delivered the merciful coup.

“We all knew Trump was crazy,” McConnell said in the immediate aftermath of the January 6 riots. Excerpts from the next book Unchecked: The Untold Story Behind Donald Trump’s Failed Congressional Claims). “I am done with him. I will never speak to him again.”

Despite this, McConnell soon saw that members of his caucus were justifying Trump’s behavior – and their opposition to his impeachment.

After Cheney urged McConnell to publicly support accountability, McConnell settled on a more passive strategy: “Let’s just ignore him,” it was reported.

This passive approach never works. The idea that ignoring Trump will lead to his departure is reminiscent of the once infamous Republican official on November 10. Requested: “What is the downside to wasting it in such a short period of time?”

as authors Not verified He writes, McConnell “didn’t actually encourage his colleagues to condemn. Instead, he told them the verdict would be a ‘vote of conscience’.”

It certainly makes sense to believe that a strong and consistent united front of McConnell and McCarthy might have made the difference. Arguably even more frustrating is that many members of the so-called lay team (Republicans who correctly believe Joe Biden is the legitimately elected president of the United States) continue to empower not only Trump, but also the American idea that Trump has normalized: Reject the elections.

Take, for example, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin. He was elected in 2021 by riding culture war issues such as opposition to critical race theory, but he is essentially an institutional Republican, modeled after Mitt Romney (temperament). Why was this reported this week? He’s going to Arizona for a campaign for Election Denier Carrie Lake?

as such Nick Katogyo notes in The DispatchYongkin’s capitulation is particularly frustrating because “if even the most impartial Romney newcomer cannot, at least, when asked to choose between an autocrat and a Democrat in Arizona, the distinction between mores and the rest of the party seems functionally meaningless.”

And Youngkin isn’t the only member of Team Normal who supports Lake. During the primary campaign, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey called Lake a “fake” that was “misleading voters” by committing an “act.” Then after she won the Republican nomination, he endorsed her, prompting her a Arizona Republic Columnist to ask Whether Dossie was lying around the lake then or now.

At this point, I’d be surprised to find a prominent Republican who isn’t a supporter of The Big Lie.

It is noteworthy that Ducey hit the lake mainly from the right. He didn’t confirm that she was an election denier (in fairness, he she did She says it wasmislead votersabout it), and instead focused on the fact that she wasn’t really conservative.

In 2020, Ducey earned our respect by standing up to Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the outcome of the Arizona election. Why would he abdicate his responsibility in 2022?

We might also direct this question to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who is also brave Resist Trump’s attempt to overthrow his 2020 state election results By lobbying state officials to “find votes”.

But these days, Amanda Carpenter of The Bulwark writes that kemp standing “Together with one of the state’s top election deniers. This guy is his running mate, the Republican Party’s running mate, Bert Jones.”

At this point, I would be surprised to find a prominent audience no Backed by supporters of The Big Lie.

To get a sense of the level of corruption that has plagued the Republican Party today, look no further than Wednesday, when nine House Republicans (including Cheney) voted in favor of the Electoral Sorting Act. This logical reform was intended to reduce the likelihood of success in any future attempts to overthrow the elections. In my view, this reform should have passed unanimously. Until now 203 Republicans voted “No.”. “

And it gets worse. as such political notesMost of the nine Republicans who voted for the bill “either lost their primaries or announced their retirement.” It is really a sad situation. For those of us who cling to the hope that one day ordinary Republican leaders will take back their party, I’m starting to wonder how many are out there.

In Genesis, Abraham bargained with the Lord, getting him to agree to save the city of Sodom if he found less. ten the righteous.

Today’s Republican Party couldn’t live up to that low, either.

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