Deadly trend at Orlando International Airport could lead to ‘serious consequences’ for passengers heading to Disney World and others

The dangerous and deadly new trend in Florida could have disastrous consequences for passengers at the state’s airports, including those who fly to and from Orlando International Airport (MCO) as part of their flights. Walt Disney World Vacation plans.

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according to FOX35 OrlandoNearly 600 firearms have been intercepted by agents with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) since January 1, 2022, and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is warning passengers on their flights to and out of Florida airports that a growing trend could It ends with “serious consequences”.

On Thursday, TSA spokesman Sari Kochitz said nearly every gun seized was fully loaded, and its ammunition was in a compartment as well. Simply put, each of them can cause irreparable damage in the wrong hands or in the event of an accident involving an unintended discharge.

Orlando Airport launches reservation line to schedule a time period to bypass security - WFTV
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“Every weapon is a danger,” Kochitz said. Any accident can have tragic consequences. This ominous trend continues across the country. Every passenger must know exactly where their gun is before entering the airport and make sure it is not in a backpack, handbag, suitcase, or any handbag. [they] Plan to enter the security checkpoint.”

TSA agents intercepted firearms at more than 13 airports in Florida in 2022 alone. Orlando International Airport, the destination of the majority of Walt Disney World Resort vacationers who choose to travel as a way to get to the theme parks, has seen the most interceptions at any airport in Florida, with a total of 107 guns intercepted. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport confiscated 104 guns, while 83 guns were confiscated at Tampa International Airport. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents have intercepted 67 firearms at Miami International Airport this year, and at Jacksonville International Airport, that number is 47. Again, that’s only in 2022.

Airport security confiscates 5,700 firearms in 2021, the largest number ever |  luck
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And these are not the only airports facing this very dangerous trend. It occurs at airports throughout the Sunshine State, such as Daytona Beach International, Southwest Florida International, Palm Beach International, Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport, Pensacola International, Tallahassee International, Gainesville Regional Airport, and Punta Gorda Airport.

Hurricanes and hedonism influence Florida demand |  I

Passengers – especially those who don’t travel often – wondered if firearms were allowed at airports or in their baggage at all, and that’s a fair question, especially since gun violence has escalated in the US in recent years.

according to Transportation Security AdministrationPassengers are prohibited from carrying handguns in their carry-on bags. firearms It must be packed inside checked baggage, and if passengers are checking firearms, they must declare it to airline representatives during check-in for their flights. Rifles to be checked must be completely unloaded and housed inside a locked case with solid sides.

Clear, others, are expected to add TSA PreCheck registration later this year |  PaxEx.Aero
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Passengers who bring firearms through the airport’s TSA checkpoint can be subject to severe civil penalties leading to fines of up to $13,910 whether or not they are caught. Additionally, frequent flyers who participate in the TSA pre-screening program and bring a firearm to the checkpoint can also have their privileges revoked either temporarily or permanently.

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