GMA’s Sam Champion has received desperate pleas from fans as he announces a new change

America’s good weatherman, Sam Champion, has been bombarded with requests to use his natural hair to portray Elvis Presley.

In a video diary that Sam shared on Instagram on Friday about next week’s performance 2 Dancing With the Stars, he asked, “Is my hair long enough to do something like Elvis?”


Sam Champion has let his fans know on social media about his DWTS experience
Longtime Dancing with the Stars Queen Cheryl Burke teamed up with Sam on the show's 26th season


Longtime Dancing with the Stars Queen Cheryl Burke teamed up with Sam on the show’s 26th seasonCredit: Disney

Sam and his dance partner, supporter Cheryl Burke, 38, will perform a Viennese waltz at “The Heartbreak Hotel” as part of Elvis’ Week on Show next Monday.

in vlogThe GMA Weather star said the show’s production team was “thinking I should wear an Elvis wig.”

Pointing to his head, he said, “I don’t want to dance with a wig. I think that’s too much around me when I’ve had enough of a bit of scary knowledge.”

When it came to options for Sam wearing a wig or going natural, his fans were unanimous.

GMA's Sam Champion makes a plea to fans about his job after the success of the new show
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One commenter said, “I love your thinking. No wig! It would distract me. Your hair is perfect to work with, Sam.”

Another wrote: “I agree: no wig. Side burns and you might have sprayed your hair black.”

Another user said “Be normal, we love you”.

The video comes amid fears from fans that Sam could become a professional dancer if he wins DWTS.

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On Thursday, a fan chirp: “I Wanna [Sam] To win, but if he wins, he might become a pro for sure and then we lose the best weatherman ever… I need [more coffee]. “

Meteorologist Sam wasted no time in assuring Jenin that he wouldn’t change his career so easily.

“I’m coming home to adore the weather,” he said replied.

In turn, the fan was relieved to hear that DWTS was just a temporary career.

She said, “It makes me so happy! Good luck in the second week, you have my vote.”

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Another creative fan suggested that the anchor could “combine talents and be known as Dancing weather man. “

DWTS will be broadcast live on Disney+ at 8 p.m. ET.

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