Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda’s relationship is completely different since Grace and Frankie

While Jane Fonda has done some really great things in her career, there is no doubt that her enduring friendship and working relationship with Lily Tomlin is one of them. The friendship between Jane and Lily (plus their 9-5 co-stars Dolly Parton) is legendary.

But there’s no doubt that the iconic pair got even closer while Grace and Frankie worked from Netflix for a whopping seven seasons. But in interview with eagleThe two actors revealed that their relationship has since been different.

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Why Jane Fonda loves Lily Tomlin

Jane Fonda has been in a variety of high-profile romantic relationships. Most of them were described as “alpha men”. This includes her relationship with Ted Turner.

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“Alpha guys, bless their hearts. I’ve married three of them and they were all amazing,” Jane told Vulture in April 2022. what that means. I couldn’t live that life with this guy and be a true feminist because I wasn’t honest with myself.”

But Jane’s love for these extremely powerful male characters is also partly what drew her to Lily Tomlin. After all, both Lily and the men in Jane’s life had tough exteriors and a tendency to have barbed wire tongues. According to Vulture, Jane agrees there was a connection there.

“[My love of Lily] It started the first time I saw her on stage. I wasn’t a TV person. I’ve never seen her in Laugh In, but I did see her on a one-woman show in Los Angeles in the 1970s called Appearing Nitely. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. “I wanted to relate myself to her in any way I could,” Jane said before I explained why she wanted Lily at 9 to 5. Now it’s, ‘I don’t want to work again unless she’s in it.’

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Jane went on to say, “All the people Lily has become have a soul. And it doesn’t happen that people are so cheerful and also have a soul and views on the universe and wisdom.”

Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda’s relationship after Grace and Frankie

While Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda agreed that it was time to move on from Grace and Frankie when the show ended, they clearly couldn’t stop working together. After all, they’ve made two movies since the Netflix show wrapped. As Jane previously said, when she does a project, she wants to do it with Lily.

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“I guess it never happened before, actually — two actors spent seven years doing a series together, and then, wow, a movie, and another movie together,” Jen explained before explaining how their relationship developed.

“I love her so much,” Jane said. “I loved her before, but I know her better now.” “I feel safe with her. We shot a scene in the 80’s for Brady [recently] Where me, Lily, Sally Field, and Rita Moreno were in bed in a motel. I’m in bed with her, and without even thinking about it, I licked her. I really felt great. I don’t know of any other actor I would do that with.”

“Having been Grace and Frankie for so many years, we often end up sleeping in the same bed,” Lily Tomlin added.

Why don’t Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda hang out

Despite being exceptionally close, Jen revealed that the two don’t actually hang out when they’re not making a movie or show together.

Jane stated, “We don’t hang out. I don’t hang out with anyone.” “I don’t hang out. We either work together, or we raise money. I’ve been to my house a few times but always for fundraisers. Oh, no, that’s not right, because I have dinner parties and I come to them and they’re fun, right?”

Lilly replied, “Yes.”

Why Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda are still successful

It’s somewhat uncommon to see actors with such a protracted career remain as successful as they were in the beginning. When Lily was asked what they attributed to their success, she said, “In the right place, the right age, at a certain point in history. Grace and Frankie fell into our arms as a gift from heaven. I suppose the time will come when I will no longer be able to aid, and then I will slowly fade from their sight. The audience “.

“Chronological age is meaningless,” Jane added. “My dad died six years earlier than I am now. He looked a lot older because he had a heart condition. Health is key. Rita Moreno is 90. You’ll never know. It’s about staying relevant, keeping up with the times, and looking Decent and then we throw a little luck in there.”


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