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Naked attraction viewers are terrified as the penniless contestant reveals an outrageous talent

NAKED Allure viewers were horrified after a penniless contestant revealed her outrageous talent during tonight’s episode.

Thursday’s new segment of the Channel 4 show saw 26-year-old Nico looking for love.


Naked Attraction viewers were left behind for words when a woman showcased her strange ‘special talent’
Nico had six women to choose from during tonight's episode


Nico had six women to choose from during tonight’s episode
Nico found Gemma's talent so funny during their date


Nico found Gemma’s talent so funny during their date

The dog groomer had a choice of six women to choose from, and was able to narrow it down to just two – 24-year-old Gemma and 35-year-old travel consultant Carla.

She ended up choosing Gemma for a date because of her confidence.

It soon became apparent that the couple had amazing chemistry as they enjoyed a drink together.

Gemma did her best to impress Nico and decided to show her “special talent”.

“I can make my deals clap,” Gemma told Nico.

“I want to see this,” replied Niko, intrigued.

When Gemma stood up, she took off her bra and did exactly what she said she would do.

Nico was left in hysterics over the whole situation, but the viewers at home weren’t impressed.

Many have taken to Twitter to share their shock.

Someone said, “Who will clap” in a restaurant that is not empty? weird !!! #NakedAttraction. “

Another said: “Others drinkers watching her clap at the #NakedAttraction bar.”

And a third added, “Um… did that woman just stand in the middle of a restaurant and clapped her together? #NakedAttraction.”

He definitely made a lasting impression as Nico called her a potential “girlfriend.”

When they returned to the studios to talk about their date, the two hinted that they got very close after they stayed in a hotel room together.

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“I think I chose the right person,” Nico admitted.

“I’ll take that,” Gemma added as they both kissed.

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