Odell Beckham Jr. Reacts to Steelers WR George Pickens’ Wild Catch

Steelers Rising wide reception George Pickens Delivered an early entry into Hunting of the Year with a twisted, one-handed grab Thursday night versus Brown that eerily resembles Odell Beckham Jr.’s famous catch of 2014.

A 36-yard pass from quarterback Mitch Trubesky caused a social media frenzy Thursday night as the NFL world was fascinated by the impressive catch.

Many ports, including Amazon Prime Broadcast, quick to compare what Pickens caught to Beckham Jr.’s catch, which happened when the wide receiver was a rookie on the Giants team.

This prompted the question: What does Beckham Jr. think about hunting?

Former Giants receiver, Brown, and Rams responded to a tweet with a photo of each catch along with his initial reaction.

“This fist is dirty,” Beckham wrote.

The Rookie Steelers seem to have the seal of approval from the King of Acrobatics holding their own.

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