Ryan Reynolds embarrassingly promoted public health in a video no one asked for

Ryan Reynolds, who is so funny off screen, lost a bet that could have saved him. The actor had just had a colonoscopy, which is a regular medical test that is recommended to everyone when they turn 45 as a preventative checkup. But because it’s Ryan Reynolds, and he lost a bet, it all happened on camera.

Although he looks awkward when photographed while undergoing a medical procedure, many praised the actor for taking the step to raise awareness about colonoscopy and its benefits. But before the procedure, Ryan and Rob made a friendly bet with each other. Their bet led to both having colonoscopies, which seems like a strange and awkward journey, but all turns worked out for the best. So here’s how the actor embarrassingly promoted public health in a video no one asked for.

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Ryan Reynolds lost a bet to Rob McClane

The Hollywood actor, who shared the tragic story behind his struggle with anxiety, filmed his first colonoscopy to raise public awareness of colorectal cancer, resulting in the “life-saving” removal of polyps.

The video, posted to YouTube, shows Ryan with fellow co-star Rob McElhenny discussing a bet they supposedly made in 2021.

The two, who documented their experience as co-chairman of Welsh football club Wrexham AFC in the FX series Welcome to Wrexham, made a bet that Ryan would do a colonoscopy if Rob could learn Welsh.

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Rob sure knows Welsh and Ryan have proven themselves to be a man of his word.

In 2022, both actors turned 45, the age at which the task force recommended colon cancer screening.

Ryan said in the video that the duo did it Raising awareness about the importance of having a colonoscopy“Part of being at this age is having a colonoscopy. It’s a simple step that could literally save your life — and I mean literally —.”

He added, “It’s not every day that you can raise awareness about something that will definitely save lives. That’s motivation enough for me to let you in on a camera being pushed up**.”

Before undergoing the medical examination, his doctor Dr. Labock told Ryan how important a colonoscopy was.

Although the procedure may sound awkward as seen in Ryan’s video, the doctor said the colonoscopy was “amazingly effective.” After the operation, Dr. Labock allowed Ryan to talk about what had happened, noting that he had found a “very hidden tumor.”

He continued, “This would have potentially saved your life. I’m not kidding. I’m not over-dramatic. That’s exactly why you’re doing it.”

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Fortunately, the doctor said he removed the tumor. “You’re cutting out the natural history of a disease, of something from a process that can end up in cancer and cause all kinds of problems,” he explained.

The doctor further said, “Instead, you don’t just diagnose the adenoma, you remove it. So, nobody knows they have this, but he’s at the screening age, 45. He gets a routine checkup and there you go, that’s why people need to do So. They really need to do it. This saves lives, pure and simple.”

The actor shared the video on his Instagram page, which sparked a lot of comments, including one from Katie Couric, who became famous He underwent a colonoscopy in 2000Two years after her husband died of colon cancer.

She wrote, “Go Ryan! (Wait! I already did!) Thanks for spreading the word!”

Another IG follower praised the actor, “Thank you for using your strength to share such an important message,” while another commented, “I know this was funny and all, but he actually encouraged me to get an offer when I turned 45. So maybe you saved me.” Just. Deadpool might not be proud. But still.”

Fellow actor Chris Holden Reed also consciously praised Ryan’s video, writing, “Dude. You guys are such heroes!!! Thanks for reminding me and I’m sure many others that this is something that needs to be done!! I’ll take your back! Great love to you! “.

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Many Ryan Reynolds fans have also flocked to the comments section to share their own experience with colonoscopy.

One wrote: “I was recently diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. I just finished my first chemotherapy last week. It’s a long way to go. I am so grateful you both did it for awareness! I was trying to spread the word and I will definitely share this.”

One fan said, “You are absolutely amazing that you are sharing this message and streaming your own screens! ❤️ I lost a dear friend to colon cancer at the age of 38. I cannot stress enough how important the screening and advocacy!”

Another wrote, “I am so grateful that people like you are raising awareness about colonoscopy. It has been so hard to get people in my life to listen to me and get the procedure done. But it’s important to keep pushing people to do it because it’s such a simple and effective procedure. Thank you for doing it.” Do your part to protect our heels!”

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