Sources say Prince Harry will be permanently ‘exiled’ by ‘ruthless’ King Charles

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Prince Harry faces a life of permanent “exile” as King Charles plots to follow the royal family’s playbook as they navigate the crisis sparked by King Edward VIII, who abdicated in 1936 and had to live the rest of his life outside the United Kingdom. The Daily Beast.

A friend of the King told The Daily Beast: ‘The royals dealt with the abdication crisis by banishing Edward which meant that he and Wallis had finally become insignificant, misguided, disloyal and even disloyal to almost all of the British people. It was a masterful process in the service of the Queen Mother, In particular, she worked tirelessly.

The same is already happening with Harry and Meghan, and it will only increase in frequency over the next few years under King Charles. Of course the prodigal second son is not so much an existential threat to the fabric of the monarchy as an existential threat to the fabric of the monarchy as a prodigal king.”

Another source, a former Buckingham Palace employee, told The Daily Beast that King Charles’ accession statement, in which he encouraged his son and Meghan to “continue to build their lives abroad” was a non-hidden message to them not to disrupt his rule by making frequent trips to United kingdom

Harry and Meghan will get an invitation to the coronation but will be seated firmly in the cheap seats with Beatrice and Eugenie, as they were at the funeral. it will be. “Charles will be tough when it comes to protecting the crown, and that means keeping Harry and Meghan as far from the center of gravity as possible,” the former employee told The Daily Beast.

The news follows the revelation, mentioned before Sun On Thursday evening, Harry turned down Charles’ offer to dine the night he was at Balmoral after Queen Elizabeth’s death, after Charles prevented Meghan from joining Harry at Balmoral.

Instead of joining Charles, Camilla and William for dinner at Charles’ home on the Balmoral estate, Harry stayed with Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie at Balmoral Castle itself.

A source said: ‘Harry was so busy trying to take Meghan to Balmoral and paddling with his family that he missed the trip. Charles has an open invitation to Harry to dine with him wherever he is in the country. But Harry was so angry that he refused to eat with his father and brother. It was disdain formidable. And he got out of Balmoral at the earliest opportunity to catch his first commercial flight to London.”

Although it was the couple who made the decision to go and live in America, they aspired to a transcontinental role for themselves. as they said, In announcing their first departureWe now plan to balance our time between the UK and North America.

They were equally open about their desire to continue to “represent” the monarchy while being able to earn their own money.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince William and Kate Middleton walk behind the coffin as they arrive at the Palace of Westminster after Queen Elizabeth II’s state parade on September 14, 2022 in London.

WPA/Getty Images Nariman Mufti Pool

This plan was rejected by the Queen at the so-called Sandringham Summit, where the couple were told they could not have a role in public life as part-time royals.

A palace statement at the time said the Queen told the couple that “in stepping away from the work of the royal family, the responsibilities and duties that come with a life of public service cannot be continued.”

In response, Harry and Meghan basically said, “Oh yeah we can,” and released a statement that said, “We can all live a life of service. Service is universal.”

While the Queen has not ordered them to live abroad, as far as is known, the travel shutdown due to the pandemic, which hit the world just weeks after they left the royal family, and the birth of baby Lillipet, has essentially stopped the question. of them travel back and forth to the UK for two years.

Little surprise that Vanity Fair Katie Nicholl in her new book New RoyalsAnd the says that William and Kate were “relieved” when Harry and Meghan announced their decision to move to the United States, as they felt “the drama is over”.

However, the notion, which is widely assumed to have abandoned the idea of ​​them having an important role in British public life, is not accurate. In fact, Harry has made it clear in his legal case against the British government, asking for automatic police protection while in the UK, that he still sees the UK as his home and wants to work here.

in presentation Made in January Harry’s legal team said this year: “The UK will always be Prince Harry’s home and a country he wants his wife and children to be safe in. With a lack of police protection comes very high personal risks.”

At a court hearing in February, Harry’s lawyer said: “It goes without saying that he wants to go back to see family and friends and continue supporting charities very close to his heart.”

The thought of Harry coming back every few weeks to appear in public is likely to give Charles goosebumps.

So while the decision on Harry’s security is, strictly speaking, a matter for the courts, it would probably be safe to rule out the establishment pulling any leads to get Harry what he wants.

Charles’ advisers will be aware of the fact that when Harry and Meghan arrived in the UK at the beginning of this month, we announced what was supposed to be a four-day trip to support charities “close to their hearts” (that phrase again) completely taking over the royal news files. for consecutive days.

That trip became a topic Severe irritation in the palacewith insiders upset about the spouses carrying out engagements that are indistinguishable from their previous royal duties.

Then, of course, the Queen died, which means that the four-day trip became epic for two weeks or more – the couple finally went home with their children on Tuesday, September 20, Sixth page I reported, having arrived, it is believed, on Sunday, September 4th.

Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, Prince William and Meghan Markle arrive for a long drive at Windsor Castle to see flowers and tributes to the Queen on September 10, 2022, in Windsor, England.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

One plausible explanation for Harry’s treatment in the days after the Queen’s death and at her funeral is that it was part of a strategy of chipping away at Harry’s importance, and reframing it in the public eye from being, “Prince Harry, sixth in line to the throne” of Prince Harry, the non-functioning royal who lives Abroad.”

If Harry and Meghan have sought to blur the lines, through philanthropic commitments, between their current identity as citizens and their former identity as members of the royal family, the past two weeks have provided the palace with an unprecedented opportunity to present them once again in sharp relief.

The clearest example of this was in the seating arrangements at the Queen’s funeral, which, humiliatingly, forbade Harry to sit in the front row in favor of his cousins ​​Peter and Zara Phillips. Palace sources insisted that seating was determined in order by age and that there was no “contempt”.

Harry’s expression and reluctance to sing “God Save the King” indicates that he saw things otherwise, and understood very well that for the King’s second son to be booked in second row in favor of his cousins ​​on the basis of his age it was, if not disdainful, a huge recalibration sure For the royal drip system, which has traditionally been given a privilege over the order of precedence.

This was just one last reminder of Harry’s new low-key, outgoing stature. The tone was set on the day of the Queen’s death when no seat was found for Harry on the military plane that carried William, Andrew and Edward to the Queen’s deathbed in Scotland, with Harry instead being forced to take a private chartered plane from a civilian airport, Luton, more From an hour from London, he was told of his grandmother’s death just five minutes before the whole world was informed.

Either after not inviting them to dinner with Charles, or – like Sun Reports—refused, Harry left Balmoral early to go home on British Airways’ scheduled service. He was later ordered not to wear the uniform for any of the ceremonial occasions before Charles brought to light the fact that it was entirely his gift to allow him to wear the uniform, if he was interested in doing so, by ordering Harry to wear the uniform during his vigil. queen.

There is real concern about the effect of his memoirs – now believed to have been delayed in the aftermath of the Queen’s death, but not confirmed – on the King

Before the Queen’s death, Meghan’s inflammatory interview with Meghan was nerve-racking shearing In which she tacitly threatened to reveal more secrets about her time in the royal family.

However, there is a perception in the palace that Meghan’s attacks on the monarchy can be ignored and that they have failed to penetrate. It seems that the very important British public has largely decided that she is not credible, mainly due to the fact that she has made some strange claims in interviews, such as her inexplicable comment comparing her wedding to the release of Nelson Mandela, which is what British media have said. I jumped in after that, giving a huge show of criminal deconstruction.

Harry represents an entirely different level of threat. There is real concern about the effect his memoirs – now believed to have been delayed in the wake of the Queen’s death, but this has not been confirmed – could have on the King if he decides to launch a serious attack on Charles, which many insiders fear. he will.

One explanation for the relentless messaging over the past two weeks that Harry is now out of the Royal Club, as well as his descendants, may be to undermine Harry’s standing as the ultimate insider ahead of the book’s release.

Prince Charles’ office declined to comment on the allegations in this article when contacted by The Daily Beast.

While there is no reason to suspect, on a personal level, in the palace’s unofficial line that Charles loves Harry and would like nothing more than to reconcile with his son, the character would now come second to Charles’ top priority; Keep the crown.

Harry and Meghan are a major distraction that members of the royal family don’t need. Charles wants them out of sight and out of mind. So he’d probably feel more comfortable if Harry and Meghan were safe on the other side of the world – forever, amen.

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