Splatoon 3 Tier List – September 2022

Splatoon 3’s layer menu is where we collect the best weapons in Splatoon 3, from guns that are so easy to use that you literally need to aim in the general direction of the enemy to split them, to some that need a physics degree to put them to good use.

For players who have just started the game, it may seem difficult to deal with List of Splatoon Layers 3Especially when there are a large number of weapons in the game. But to keep things simple, we’ve picked the best in each category, so if you’re a bit bored with one type of weapon and switch to another.

So we combined our thoughts to come up with a definitive guide to the best weapons in each class with our list of Splatoon 3 layers.

Splatoon Layer List 3

Splatoon 3 Tier List - September 2022

Splatoon layer list 3: SS layer weapons


Splatoon 3 Tier List - September 2022

Unlockable from Ammo Knights (Level 2)

The Splattershot isn’t a fancy weapon, in fact, it’s one of the first ones you’ll have access to. However, he is totally OP. It is one of the most powerful agents of damage in the short to medium term, it is an excellent ink, quickly covering large areas.

Incredibly easy to use and so brutal that we imagine it won’t be this strong for much longer.

Trizooka is Splattershot specific and excellent. It has a massive range of flames, sending a massive blast of ink across the map. You can only get three shots with it, but if you can use it correctly, it can blindly complete the enemy. Despite only having three shots, he recharges quickly, so you’ll get plenty of opportunities to use him throughout the match.

braking machine

Splatoon 3 Tier List - September 2022

Unlockable from Ammo Knights (Level 14)

The Sloshing Machine is a weapon that requires a little commitment to unlock, but it’s totally worth it.

A funky weapon, it’s best used by staying light on your feet and dashing in and out of cover, especially since it’s not a quick-fire weapon. It has a huge ink radius, which makes it great for containing and pushing enemies back.

Gas bombs are a greatly underrated item in the Sloshing Machine’s arsenal, ideal for a charging enemy who might try to close the distance with a Splatana or another melee weapon.

If the metadata shifts to become more focused on melee, the Sloshing Machine will likely become more powerful, since you won’t even have to aim directly at your target, just in the general direction, which means the potential for splash damage is significant.

List of Splatoon 3 layers: Layer S.

Flingza Roller

Unlockable from Ammo Knights (Level 20)

The Flingza Roller is one of the most powerful inking weapons in the game. The speed and ease with which the Flingza Roller paints make it a necessary late-game deck when players stop fighting so much and prioritize zooming in on the map.

It’s a bit awkward to use in a battle with another player, and you’re usually far from the fire before you get close enough, but if you can get a lucky break, you can do decent damage.

Roller players, though, must fall back, maintaining inking across the back half of the map, or set up the front lines for easy repacking for more offensive players.

heavy splatter

Splatoon 3 Tier List - September 2022

Unlockable from Ammo Knights (Level 4)

The king of inking. If you’re the type of player who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time fighting, but instead just want to blanket the entire map with your ink, Heavy Splatling is for you.

Not only does it have a massive amount of ink storage space, but it’s fast. If you’re running Heavy Splatling, you’ll be invaluable to your team in terms of the massive percentage of the map covered.

Not only that, it’s really great in combat, even if it gets damaged by bursts and similar weapons. It’s really heavy so you’ll be leaving yourself seriously exposed, but if you have some protection it’s a great asset to have on your team.

Splatoon 3 Layer List: Layer


Splatoon 3 Tier List - September 2022

Unlockable from Ammo Knights (Level 3)

An essential, yet reliable weapon, the Blaster is probably one of the first weapons you unlock in Splatoon 3. It’s great against enemies and you don’t need to be particularly accurate.

Paired with the Big Bubbler shield, it’s a complete frontline package, and in general games it’s very good at isolating players and killing, although it can easily be handled by a well-organized team.

It’s not great at inking, since it has a short range and doesn’t mark a large area of ​​the map when shooting, but it’s not really the weapon of choice if you’re looking to play defensively.

We feel the rate of fire and damage can be done with a bit of power, but it’s still usable if you put your feet up under you, even if we think there are similar rifles that are better in different classes.

E-liter 4K

Splatoon 3 Tier List - September 2022

Unlockable from Ammo Knights (Level 18)

If you are a veteran of playing Widowmaker in Overwatch, then E-litre 4K might be for you. A long-range weapon in the game, E-litre 4K has huge rewards in store for players who are ready to master tough handling.

Obviously the main problem with this weapon is that if a player sneaks up on you, you won’t really have a way to defend yourself out of your mine and some very lucky shots.

In a metagame dominated by the incredible speed and fire rate of some weapons, we don’t totally recommend it for new players, but if you’re up for a challenge, you should give it a try if you find yourself with a few spare unlocks.

splatana mop

Splatoon 3 Tier List - September 2022

Unlockable from Ammo Knights (Level 5)

Splatana mop strange. Because at anything other than close range it’s completely useless, but if you can sneak into the middle of a battle, or behind enemy lines, you can do some pretty massive damage.

He’s also not great at inking, but usually if you’re picking a Splatana Wiper, you’ll need the rest of your team to pick out solid inking weapons to make sure you’re covered.

Another big advantage of the Splatana Wiper is that if you’re able to charge a full swing, you’ll take down enemies, which is actually easier than you might think, especially if they’re engaging in mid-range firefights like the meta Splattershot dominates the early game.

Splatoon 3 Layer List: Layer B

ink brush

Splatoon 3 Tier List - September 2022
  • splat bomb
  • Killer Wail 5.1.2 Update

Unlockable from Ammo Knights (Level 7)

Inkbrush is really versatile and very useful for creating paths across the map. It’s a very thin ink font, which means it wouldn’t be your goal to get inking as wide as a heavy hit, but for more technical support for offensive players, it’s great.

Offensive strong too, it’s an interesting weapon, although if you’re playing in public matches with random people you’ll probably find it hard to get some good hours under your belt.

We’d probably recommend going to at least some of the other guns on our list so Nintendo can potentially polish the gun.

Varicose veins

Unlockable from Ammo Knights (Level 8)

Great for close to mid-range combat, Dualie Squelchers’ rate of fire is essentially an SMG for the Splatoon 3 world.

It’s not great at covering the battlefield in ink so it’s best used in a squad formation that includes a lot of heavy-inked weapons, but the sheer amount of damage it does in such a short amount of time makes it a great choice, especially for new players.

They won’t even tickle your enemies from a distance, but Splatoon 3 isn’t a long-range metagame at the moment, it’s all about that mid-range, and here’s where they excel.

Reef Lux 450

Splatoon 3 Tier List - September 2022
  • curling bomb
  • Tinta missiles

Unlockable from Ammo Knights (Level 10)

A great weapon to take down multiple enemies simultaneously and to cover in ink, the Reef Lux 450 is a powerful and versatile tool, even if it’s not the best-in-class for either class at the moment.

The weapon requires quite a bit of charging to be very effective, but if you find yourself hunting in the back of a fight while your most enthusiastic teammates fly into battle, this could be a great addition to any lineup.

We like to see it swing a little on the devastating side, and it’s a bit tricky to arrange shots, but if you need a weapon that can help with both sides of the game and attack and defense, it’s solid.

Splatoon 3 Layer List: Layer C.


Splatoon 3 Tier List - September 2022
  • sprinkler
  • Inkstrike trilogy

Unlockable from Ammo Knights (Level 5)

Look… strange perilla. They aren’t the best at anything, and frankly, we feel choosing them is more of a self-imposed challenge than anything else, but if you have to pick one, go for Splat Brella.

It’s good at close range, has good shielding abilities, but it doesn’t cover the grass well, and if you’re up against more than one enemy, you might as well jump off the map.

It’s a really interesting concept and it’s a class of weapons that we’re asking Nintendo to update soon, because the game doesn’t really have a place for a weapon like the Splat Brella.

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