Tom Holland and 7 other actors are often cast in their roles

dress-up It is when an actor plays the same kind of roles over and over for several movies over the course of years, which isn’t always a good thing. On the one hand, producers and directors may have recognized their talent for portraying a certain type of character, but it also limits their creative prowess. That’s why so many actors have spoken out against typecast, some even struggling to escape the shadow of the biggest roles of their careers.

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It’s definitely frustrating, as it not only limits the actor’s access, but could ultimately backfire on their careers. Everyone wants to be seen as a versatile artist who can perform any desired role. Below is a list of actors who are often portrayed in movies, episodic or not, and what that means for their careers.

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8 Tom Holland

Tom Holland is the perfect embodiment of the Peter Parker/Spider-Man portrayal. In both the comic and movie versions, the superhero is a shy high school kid with a lot of insecurities and lacks in self-esteem, but when he wears the mask, he’s a completely different person with a reprehensible sense of humor.

The character has, in a way, lived in the actor’s body for years, as he’s also gotten quite similar roles with his later films, especially as Nathan Drake did in Unknown (2022).

7 Angelina Jolie

For decades, Angelina Jolie has played almost the same character over and over again: the glamorous, glamorous woman. When it hits a hit with a cult classic pirates In 1995, she appears to have been following the same path in some of the biggest films of her career: Mr and Mrs Smith, Wanted, And the salt, For example, but not limited. He also helped her get the role of the heroine in Tomb rider Franchising, the list goes on and on.

6 Dwayne Johnson

Do you need a strong strong man in a movie full of adventure, especially in the jungle? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson He is your man. People want The Rock to play The Rock, especially at the height of the modern era Jumanji Franchise and Emily Blunt jungle trip last year.

Even if it doesn’t happen in the wild, Dwayne Johnson always plays the tough guy with some humorous twists on The Fast and the Furious franchise business, Central Intelligence With Kevin Hart and Netflixcritical criticism red notice.

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5 Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez rose to fame thanks to her role as tough chick Letty Ortiz in The Fast and the Furious Franchise, and she has been associated with the character ever since. In fact, she’s embracing every second of it.

“I was going to print the moment I made a movie called Girlfight years ago.” She opened up about her being dress-up in a 2010 interview with hollywood newsadding, “You allow yourself to be dressed up. If I decide I don’t want to be in print tomorrow, I’ll just go make a standalone movie Where I play a poor girl going through a traumatic experience and win a prize for myself for crying, being raped, or playing someone with a mental illness.”

4 Kevin Hart

Before he became an actor, Kevin Hart was a comedian at heart. So when he ventured into the world of acting, people were paying to see his humorous and witty characters as a clown. He’s scored one hit comedy in another for years: The Jumanji Franchise alongside Dwayne Johnson, Will Ferrell starred get hardIce Cube co-stars ride along & ride along 2and more.

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3 Cameron Diaz

For years, Cameron Diaz has been playing the same stunning blonde character in nearly every movie she’s been in, but she didn’t seem to get over that dimension until she finally retired from acting.

The age discrimination in Hollywood is real, moreover, she didn’t quite venture into the gritty movies that could showcase her acting range when she was still active. She has been enjoying a well-deserved break from the spotlight for quite some time.

2 Tom Cruise

Do you need a mysterious man who escapes his love interest as he approaches the bad guys, or the protagonist swept away with excessive force with one smirk? Tom Cruise is the man. Throughout his cinematography, he has been known to have played an IMF agent, a NASCAR driver, a mysterious high school top student, an Irish immigrant, and more, but most of them follow the same path.

Now, the 60-year-old actor may be at a later age in his career, but he just scored one of the biggest movies of the year with Top Gun: Maverick Getting ready for two more Mission: Impossible titles.

1 Helena Bonham Carter

A Tim Burton movie wouldn’t be a Tim Burton movie without Helena Bonham Carter’s bizarre play. It doesn’t matter if she’s the protagonist or the antagonist, or just a side character altogether, but her character will always have a sassy attitude and above all.

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