Walker Independence releases new premiere of selfies; teaser


There are less than two weeks left until the CW’s double debut Jared Padalecki-championship Walker season 3 and Katherine McNamara & Matt Bar-championship Independence Walker, we have two great collections of images from the Spinoff Prequel series. in Independence Walker, Abby Walker (McNamara), a wealthy Bostonian whose husband was murdered in front of her while they were on their journey out of the West. In her quest for revenge, Abby meets Hoyt Rollins (Bar), a lovable rogue looking for a target. Abby & Hoyt’s journey takes them to Independence, Texas, where they meet a diverse, eclectic population escaping their turbulent pasts and chasing their dreams, all while becoming agents of change in the small town. Now here’s a look at a new set of preview images from the series’ opening, followed by an image gallery of the main cast:

Photo: Anna Corris/The CW – © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

And now, meet the cast of the highly anticipated fall season premiere:

Now here’s a look at the latest trailer for the season Independence WalkerThe show is scheduled to start on Thursday, October 6th:


Set in the late 1800s, the origin story of the current CW series “Walker,” WALKER INDEPENDENCE follows the story of Abby Walker (Katherine McNamara, “Arrow”), a wealthy and hard-headed Bostonian whose husband is murdered in front of her eyes while on the lookout. Journey out of the West. After crossing paths with Calian (Justin Johnson Cortez, “911: The Lone Star”), a curious Apache tracker, Abby arrives in Independence, Texas, where she encounters a diverse and eclectic population escaping from their pasts, chasing their dreams, and keeping their secrets private, including Kate Carver (Katie Findlay, “The Carrie Diaries”), a private comic dancer with a keen interest in Abby’s origins, and Kai (Lawrence Kao, “Wu Assassins”), a passionate Chinese immigrant who runs a local restaurant/laundry and serves up Abby’s friendship without an agenda.

Abby also bumps into Hoyt Rollins (Matt Barr, “Walker”), a slippery rogue, thief, and fraudster with a heart of gold who quickly looks at Abby as a sign, until she turns the tables on him. In her pursuit of justice for her husband, Abby meets the Deputy Sheriff of Independence, Augustus (Philemon Chambers, “Single All the Way”) and his new boss, Sheriff Tom Davidson (Greg Hovannisian, “Another Life”), who has reason to think he’s a really, really bad guy. . Soon, Abby and Hoyt find themselves precariously aligned, and both seek to uncover the truth about the identity of Abe’s husband’s killer, and vow to save Independence – a thriving frontier town where nothing is as it seems.

Walker Independence releases new premiere of selfies;  teaser
Photo: Frank Ockenfels 3/The CW – © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

CW’s Independence Walker From CBS Studios with Teleplay Written by Seamus Kevin Fahey From a story co-written and Anna Frick Whoever followed him. They both serve as executive producers along with Jared Padalecki, Dan Lane, And the Lindsey Liberator From Rideback and Laura Terry Whoever followed him. Larry Teng He works as an executive producer and director at pilot.

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