Which SNL star got in the middle of Bill Murray and Chevy Chase’s junk?

Chevy Chase and Bill Murray are just two of the most popular cast members Saturday Night Live like never before. In addition to the legendary comedy show, they also starred in the 1980 film kadishak Along with the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield.

They’ve remained friends ever since over the years, however, their interactions weren’t always so cordial. There was one time when the two comedy giants practically got each other’s throats. This led to another household name in the 1970s entering between them to break up the fighting and try to keep the peace. But why were they fighting in the first place? Who is the person who participated?

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A backstage brawl has begun over a rumor Bill Murray heard about Chevy Chase

In 1978, the lights came on in a large studio in New York City, and the audience roared with applause as a jazz band began playing the famous music America knew and loved… Meanwhile, tensions rise behind the scenes in comedian John Belushi’s dressing room between the stand-up comedian who… Transformed into a Chevy Chase movie star Saturday live the night Replacing newcomer Bill Murray.

It all started when Belushi began making notes to Murray about his time working with Chase, many of which weren’t too tasty for Murray to listen to. These things are slowly starting to erode in Murray, and when Chase returns to host Saturday Night Live After leaving for some time before, Murray had a few chosen words with him.

According to Chase, In an interview with Howard Stern Show In May 2021, described himself as “perhaps a little full of myself after a year of fame”, while describing that Murray “may have wanted to drop me two notches”. When Murray left for Belushi’s locker room to finalize his makeup just before the show, he had no idea he was being followed by Chase, who had some choice words of his own.

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Two different people had to step in and help Chevy Chase get away from Bill Murray

Needless to say, things got heated up in the dressing room between the two men. Murray and Belushi were sitting on the sofa and Chase was in the doorway when he walked in, throwing threats and insults at Murray. This was when Murray jumped and lunged at Chase, landing a handful of punches and pushing him back through the doorway before Belushi jumped after him.

Belushi managed to get in between them resting his arms on the door frame in an attempt to separate the two men. Chase later admits in the interview that Belushi was accidentally assaulted in the process. While the two were quarreling, another person got involved by grabbing Chase by the waist and lifting him off the ground and away from the fight. It turns out that this is Brian Doyle Murray, the older brother of Bill Murray.

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Two fellow Saturday Night Live co-stars were shocked and hurt by the rowdy

Eyewitnesses include actresses Jane Curtin and Laraine Newman, as well as the late Gilda Radner.

In an interview with Watch what’s happening live!And the Kirten was asked about the incident, and she was quoted as saying, “It was just that sad kind of stress that’s going to befall a family, and everyone goes to their corners because they don’t want to have to deal with stress, and it was uncomfortable. You can understand, you know, there was These two bulls are head over heels for each other, so my testosterone was going up and things were happening.”

During that same interview, Larren Newman was quoted as saying, “I think they knew the one thing they could say to each other that would hurt the most, and that’s what I think he instigated.”

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Bill Murray fans know that the Chevy Chase incident isn’t the first time Chase has gone out with his fellow actor backstage. There have been many instances where Chase has been deemed difficult to work with, most notably with his co-stars on set social communication. But that’s a topic for another day. As it stands, everything is fine between Chevy Chase and Bill Murray now and things will remain friendly for the foreseeable future.


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