Hit NBC Drama finally returns to Netflix for a final season

It’s been a long and turbulent journey – no pun intended existing Fans, but finally, the first look for season four has arrived.

If you missed the drama surrounding the drama, let’s recap for you. Back in the summer of 2021, NBC canceled the hit series after its third season. Fans around the world rioted, and only a few months later, Netflix decided to continue the show for one final season. There was a lot of mixed message (Netflix initially refused to renew the series, and NBC was considering picking it back up). But we are here now with real shots.

Passengers existingAn ill-fated flight is killed, she has visions, and experiences a lot of terrible things in the new trailer for the show. As the people of Montego Flight 828 experience weirdness after weirdness, Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) and Ben (Josh Dallas) continue to piece the pieces together.

“We didn’t fly in the storm,” Michaela says in the trailer. “She chose us.”

There’s another big reveal in the trailer: Passengers find the black box from their ride. For those who don’t know, this may be the key that holds all the mysteries behind Flight 828, as it contains relevant recordings from the flight’s air traffic control team. No matter what’s hiding in this chest, the survivors support each other, no matter what.

This first look surfaced during Netflix’s ongoing Tudum celebration, which unveiled a slew of new content today. Show lovers like BridgetonAnd the the crownAnd the Emily in Paris I was surprised by the season premiere dates, trailers, and more exciting news. But existing Fans have waited a long time for good news – and they finally got it.

existing It will return to Netflix on November 4. The first three seasons are also broadcast on Netflix.

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