Royal sources insisted that King Charles informed Prince Harry of the Queen’s death before the announcement

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Royal sources insisted to The Daily Beast that King Charles spoke to Prince Harry and personally informed him of his grandmother’s death ahead of a public announcement, after new reports emerged claiming the contact the King attempted to make with Harry while he was there. Travel to Scotland did not pass, and Harry learned of his grandmother’s death from online breaking news alerts.

The Daily Telegraph Royal Editor Hana Furness He claimed in an article published on Saturday that “the phone call did not take place,” adding that although Harry “knew his father was trying to call him,” he “read an urgent news ad online before they could use technology to talk.”

The telegraph I mentioned earlier that Harry only found out about his grandmother’s death Five minutes before landingBut the new account of events on the fateful day indicates that he did not even receive these brief alerts.

However, a royal source responded forcefully to The Daily Beast Saturday, telling The Daily Beast in no uncertain terms that telegraph The account of the chaotic day of the Queen’s death was “incorrect,” adding that “the whole family including [Harry]“It was said about the Queen’s death before it was announced.

Of course, the source said Harry could have seen unofficial “rumors and speculation” online before the call arrived, but added, “It could have been.”

The palace declined to comment to the Daily Beast. Prince Harry’s office has been contacted for comment.

The palace is keen to squash any suggestion that Harry was treated differently than his brothers or uncles (although The Daily Beast exclusively reported this week about Charles’ plans to “exil” his wayward son) but a reliable source told The Daily Beast that the Queen She died shortly after five in the evening. It was widely reported that Prime Minister Liz Truss had been informed of his death at 4:30 p.m.

The official announcement came at 6:30 p.m.

Harry’s plane from London to Scotland – privately chartered at an estimated cost of £30,000, The telegraph Sayswithout specifying who paid the bill – The plane landed at Aberdeen Airport at 6:46 pm.

There was widespread speculation that Harry’s arrival was delayed because he wanted to bring Meghan with him to Scotland but Charles called him and asked him not to.

The Sussex family themselves created a lot of confusion over the issue by rushing out a statement shortly after 2:00 pm saying they would be traveling to Balmoral before later “clarifying” that Meghan would not be making the trip.

The telegraph He quotes a source as saying “It was just a mistake… It wasn’t about causing offense or offending, it was just protocol and an illusion [the Sussexes] They would always respect that.”

What seems beyond doubt is that while the Queen was known to be vulnerable, her death on Thursday 8 September was unexpected.

Nobody knows when someone will die… It’s something the royal family has in common with any other family.

Source to Telegraph

A source told telegraph: “No one knows when someone will die… It’s something the royal family has in common with any other family.

“The Queen sure was very ill, yes, but they didn’t know how long she had left. Knowing how seriously to take it is difficult.”

One of the most compelling accounts of the chaos that unfolded on the morning of the Queen’s death came from Jenna Bush Hager, daughter of former President George W. Bush, who happened to be in Scotland, at the home of Charles Dumfries, to an NBC interview with Camilla, who had been abandoned Later.

Bush Hager said her dinner with Charles on the eve of the Queen’s death was “enjoyable” and led her to conclude that the death was a “surprise”.

She said: The next morning [Thursday] We were attending the interview, we were at their house…we were there at 8:30am and the interview was supposed to start around 2:00pm or 2:30pm and I was supposed to meet the Queen’s wife now around 1:30 evening

“At 12:30 in the afternoon we heard kind of running up and down the halls and her team and his team were… they came and said could you please shut up there is a call. We were right at the office of Prince Charles then, King Charles III now… then… Suddenly, we heard a helicopter. They said the Queen is sick and went and rushed to be with her.”

This account fueled speculation that the Queen had suffered a sudden and catastrophic decline in the hours leading up to her death, alarming the family.

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