‘Cobra Kai’ star Martin Kove almost played John Kreese in ‘Next Karate Kid’ – why he didn’t

Cobra Kai Mention the events of the first three karate Kid Many movies. Next Karate Kid It is one that is not often mentioned. Released in 1994, Pat Morita was as Mr. Miyagi, but not Ralph Macchio as Daniel. It was not written by Robert Mark Kamen nor directed by John J. Avildsen. John Criss (Martin Cove) almost made a comeback for the fourth time in a row, but Cove explains why there’s no Cobra Kai in Next Karate Kid.

Martin Cove | David Livingston / Getty Images

Kove spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet by phone on August 26. after discussion Cobra Kai Season 4, Kove reflected on karate Kid little movies. He said he met my producer Next Karate Kid But they eventually decided not to include Kreese in the story. Cobra Kai Season 5 starts now Netflix.

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