‘Enola Holmes 2’ Trailer – Millie Bobby Brown is back as the Spunkiest detective ever

Strong woman It may be completed in only a few weeks, but another fourth wall fracture FleabagWanabe returns to our screens. Netflix Unveiled first trailer for Enola Holmes 2 Today, we are reunited with the brave little sister of Sherlock Holmes, who is played by her Weird things Favorite Millie Bobby Brown.

Poor Enola still faces a misogynistic creep in this new trailer. After opening her own detective agency, people became so resident Unsure of her abilities to solve the crime. Cut the girl some slack! Haven’t you gone through enough? However, people are begging to be assigned to her older brother Sherlock (Henry Cavill), relying on his intelligence rather than hers.

“Although there hasn’t been a single case, Sherlock’s latest case seems to bother him,” Enola tells us. He cuts to Sherlock playing a sad violin, terrified of his inability to solve the case.

Not only does Enola have a sad big bro to fix, but she has a big case to prove herself as a professional detective. Another young woman approaches her in the trailer, asking for some help with her missing sister. Oh, and flirt with her fling, Tewkesbury (Louis Partridge), along the way.

the first Enola Holmes Finally the movie allowed Weird things A star to break out of the lines of two-word dialogue, has been met with plenty of critical successes. The movie 2020 stands at A 91 percent “New” rating on Rotten Tomatoes—Needless to say, this second installment should be a big hit on Netflix.

“[Enola Holmes] Laura Bradley of The Daily Beast, in her review of the first film, wrote: “At times the film can lean a little on the dividers of the fourth wall, and its understanding of female empowerment is undeniable. But overall, it seems to be perfectly calibrated to the wavelength of its central character. — which Brown drives home with privacy and demeanor.”

The trailer was announced as part of the huge Tudum event on Netflix today, where the streaming device is (and will continue to) reveal massive amounts of teasers, exclusives, first looks, and more. This is the second such event in Netflix history, and you can search for it Weird thingsAnd the You areand other series announcements during Continuous Live Streaming on YouTube.

Enola Holmes 2 It will debut on Netflix on November 4.

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