DeSantis: Ian’s influence “will be felt throughout the country”, the path remains uncertain

As Tropical Storm Ian continues to swell and intensify in the Caribbean Sea Sunday afternoon, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis He urged Florida residents to prepare for a worst-case scenario and watch for potential shifts in the storm’s path, as “the impact of the storm will be felt across the state.”

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Tropical Storm Ian is rapidly gaining strength in the Caribbean, and much of the Sunshine State has been included in the “forecast cone” of the storm, which is expected to become a major hurricane in the next few days. On Sunday afternoon, Governor Ron DeSantis called on Florida residents to immediately begin preparations before the storm, which the National Hurricane Center says could be a Category 3 storm by the time it makes landfall on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Hurricane Ian
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“We continue to monitor Tropical Storm Ian,” DeSantis told reporters gathered at the state’s Emergency Operations Center in Tallahassee on Sunday. “[It] It will become a hurricane very soon, within the next 24 hours, and it will become a major hurricane very soon.”

DeSantis continued, “It’s important to point out to people that the path of this remains uncertain. Even if you weren’t necessarily right in the eye of the storm’s path, there would be very broad effects across the state. You’d have wind. You’d get water. It might be. There’s flooding on the east coast of Florida as a result of this. It’s a big storm.”

The governor told Florida residents close to the area where the hurricane is expected to make landfall to anticipate power outages, disrupted fuel access, and possible evacuations of some low-lying and “at-risk” areas of the state.

late last week, DeSantis declared a state of emergency in about a third of Florida’s counties. But on Saturday, edit the ad To include all 67 counties across the state. The announcement activated the Florida National Guard, and removed weight limits for trucks. In addition, the declaration authorized emergency drug refilling in pharmacies for up to 30 days.

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DeSantis said 2,500 guards are mobilized at this time, but more could be activated if the need arises as the storm continues to build up and move toward Florida.

The future course of Tropical Storm Ian remains highly uncertain and unusual
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Ian’s expected path remains uncertain, but regardless, Florida is making preparations for a “serious storm surge,” according to Director of Emergency Management Kevin Guthrie. The department is currently making twice-daily calls with emergency management officials from every county in Florida, as well as with state agencies, in an effort to coordinate actions in response to the impending landfall.

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