John Oliver thinks Queen Elizabeth II is in Hell looking for Princess Diana

When we last heard about John Oliver, the British comedy (who also holds American citizenship) paused at Seth Meyers’ satire of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s “10 Days of Forced Mourning”—something he also did in his Emmy-winning HBO series. last week tonightwith some excavations in King Charles III and Prime Minister Liz Truss well.

After a week of rest, Oliver returned to last week tonight Office on Sunday and started things off by taking some snapshots of Maroon 5 striker Adam Levine’s embarrassing, albeit exaggerated, sexting scandal, saying, “We’ve also learned that Adam Levine is just as bad at sexting as he is at going out with the meaning of tattoos. ”

It saved more anger from President Joe Biden over his recent announcement that the COVID-19 pandemic was “over.”

“This isn’t just irresponsible – it’s complete bullshit,” Oliver exclaimed. “You can’t state something and turn it into reality. If you declare ‘The Queen is alive’, that doesn’t make it true. We all know that in the afterlife she is now looking for Diana.”

But then, Oliver turned things around to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, an obnoxious and opportunistic man who had recently sent two planes full of about 50 immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, using helpless people—including a number of young children—as political pawns ahead of the midterm elections.

“If this sounds like a Fox News stunt, you’re absolutely right. But it might have been made too by Fox News, Oliver explained. “Because just two months ago, Tucker Carlson did a clip referring to the whiteness of Martha’s Vineyard and he had this fun suggestion.”

Then he was cast in a segment where Carlson said of Martha’s Vineyard on his Fox News show, “They’re begging for more diversity. Why don’t we send immigrants in huge numbers there? Let’s start with 300,000 and move on from there.”

“It looks like DeSantis just took that idea and went with it. So, I guess what they’re saying is true: good artists borrow, great artists steal, and racist rulers shout their ideas at them through the human equivalent of a boat shoe in a pesky death-place,” Oliver joked.

“This ruse was very grim and cynical – especially given that immigrants were lured with empty promises of jobs and housing, and even handed pamphlets containing government assistance for which they were not eligible,” Oliver continued.

As Oliver pointed out, the fake brochures that DeSantis’ team cooked up and misled immigrants into even included a “fake” Massachusetts flag made by a random person online because “the current one is blowing up.”

“Nothing says, ‘I am against illegal immigration and human trafficking,’ quite like making false documents to smuggle people across the border,” Oliver said.


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