The first ‘The Last of Us’ movie on HBO Trailer is a shockingly perfect take on the hit video game.

It was no surprise to the last of us Fans say today is the day HBO dropped the first teaser for its upcoming adaptation of the hugely popular video game series.

It is, after all, the last of us day. Previously known as Outbreak Day — since September 26 is the day the video game zombie outbreak occurs — the fan event has been renamed after a very real pandemic.

Showrunners Neil Druckmann (who also wrote and created developer Naughty Dog’s video game franchise) and Craig Mazin (HBO’s ChernobylI really enjoyed it Fans teasing about the show early in the morningwith little to no “will/will” about dropping a trailer.

Fortunately, the suspicions were correct: HBO unveiled the teaser, and that’s exactly what fans were hoping for.

We see many looks at the meticulously recreated game world. It is a barren, dangerous and threatening post-apocalyptic America. Business was looted and branded; Buildings completely collapse and collapse in them. The streets are full of dust and debris. Survivors – like our heroes Joel and Ellie – hide from unseen monsters, escape in cars, on horses and on foot, generally trying to stay alive. Sounds like a shocking drama, a spitting picture of We delay Video games.

The show will closely follow the game’s plot: Twenty years after the zombie outbreak, Joel is tasked with smuggling 14-year-old Ellie – who is immune to zombie infection – across the country, bringing her to the rebel Fireflies in the hope that they can use her for a cure.

The new series stars Pedro Pascal (Game of thronesAnd the The Mandalorian(Like Joel and Bella Ramsey)Game of thronesAnd the Catherine is called Birdie) like Ellie.

Anna Turf also appeared as Joel’s partner in crime, Tess. Gabriel Luna as Joel’s ex-brother Firefly Tommy; Nick Offerman as Bill the thorny survivor; and recent Emmy Award winner Murray Bartlett as Bill Frank’s boyfriend. Emmys 2022 nominee Melanie Lenski also appears in the teaser, although it is unclear what role she will play.

A few original cast to capture the sound and performance from the video games will also appear on the show. Merle Dandridge will reprise her role as the head of Fireflies Marlene and Jeffrey Pierce, who played Tommy in the game and its sequel, will take on a new, unspecified role. HBO previously confirmed that Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, who originally had the roles of Joel and Ellie, would also appear on the show.

the last of us It is scheduled to drop on HBO sometime in 2023.

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