‘Aftersun’ trailer – Paul Mescal charms as goof, thoughtful father in new A24 movie

After his amazing debut in Ordinary people In 2020, the next leading role of Paul Mescal has arrived. If you thought the emotional intensity was too much Ordinary peopleJust wait till after the sunwhich will follow the actor as a young father who takes his daughter on a stormy summer vacation to Turkey.

The first Charlotte Wales movie was created on the basis of retrospective events. The film follows young Sophie (Frankie Curio) into adulthood, as she attempts to reminisce about her Turkey trip with her father, Callum (Miscal). Sophie was only 11 years old on that journey, going from childhood to the intricacies of adulthood.

While Sophie’s life is ahead after the sunShe tries to remember what was going on in the background with her father. Callum struggles to understand fatherhood. She asks him to go back to Scotland with her; He refuses. He doesn’t want to live in the same place he grew up in anymore.

But he’s trying to be a better father: “You know you can talk to me about anything,” he told Sophie. “Whatever parties you go to. Boys you meet. Drugs you take.” Well, Paul Mescal is one of those cool parents.

After touring film festivals like Cannes and Toronto, after the sun was welcomed Resounding positive reviewsSome even call it one of the best movies of the year.

The Daily Beast’s wrote: “The film was created to serve as a memory, and like the people in our most complex memories, Mescal makes us feel as though we can fully see who this father is, while at the same time remaining a complete mystery.” Nick is vacant in the movie. “It’s a quiet but painful performance, and the one that’s been haunting me the whole time [TIFF]. “

after the sun It will premiere in theaters on October 21.

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