Bulls’ Lonzo Balls set to undergo additional knee surgery

Bull guard Lonzo Ball has not played a game since January 14 after knee pain revealed a small tear in his meniscus. On Tuesday, he told reporters he will have arthroscopic surgery on his left knee in Los Angeles on Wednesday and it doesn’t look like his return to court is close.

“I still can’t play basketball,” Paul said. “So, unfortunately, I have to take the next step and that is surgery.”

This will be the third surgery on his left knee, and Paul said he feels pain when going up stairs.

“I can’t run. I can’t run or jump.” There’s a range of, like, 30 to 60 degrees with my knees bent so I don’t have strength. And I can’t hold myself. Until I can do these things, I can’t play. I did rehab. She was getting better. But it never got to the point where I could get out and out and run at full speed or jump. So surgery was the next step.”

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