Watch Week 4 of Dynasty Stock: Chris Olaf, Mac Hollins, Rachod Bateman

Catching grief is part of the job when writing about fantasy football.

After doing this for about a decade, it didn’t bother me. Even the most well-researched hot shot can be criticized for taking a meme. “The best plans of rats and men often go awry.” I don’t take that personally.

And look, if I’m right up to 60% of the time in my NFL musings, I’d be between my tits, living on an island golf course in a remote beach resort, and dialing my bets to some personal contacts in the sports book I got a quick call while being pampered And massage with expensive oils and extracts. But I’m not, so I’m here with you. Trying to figure it out – to help you get closer to being right half the time.

At Dynasty Stock Watch last week, hell caught for not being priced Tom Brady Right, owning what looks like it’s not so daring take that sir lamb He should be waiting and watching, maybe I’m over exaggerating JK Dobbins After performing a week 3 deadline on his first appearance of the season against patriots. They can’t all be winners – God forbid I get some instant gratification on these calls. But some are right enough for now and some may change for the better in the future. I’m doing my best and I hope your work and life will be fine too.

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