California theme park launches brand new coaster soon!

According to the latest details released by the California theme park, an all-new family ship is coming soon.

Artic Rescue is the official name for a brand new attraction set to open in 2023 at SeaWorld San Diego. This new attraction will be a SeaWorld Rescue-inspired road trip that will take guests on a high-speed snowmobile adventure along a 2,800-foot track. The new ship will make three launches and will reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.

Credit: SeaWorld

Although there’s been no official announcement regarding SeaWorld’s newest attraction, the construction of a new ship has been no secret, with many already figuring out the paths to the park and construction progress over the past few months. However, details of the upcoming ship were kept hidden from the public until yesterday, September 27, during a press release.

San Diego Union-Tribune She mentioned that the park calls Artic Rescue the longest and fastest coaster on the West Coast, although there aren’t many in California. Some examples include Pony Express at Knott’s Berry Farm and RailBlazer at Great America in California in Santa Clara. SeaWorld San Antonio, in Texas, is also home to another example, the Wave Breaker, where riders ride a jet-ski-style vehicle.

Sea World San Diego-Ride-Arctic-Rescue
Credit: SeaWorld

As reported by SeaWorld, Arctic Rescue has been inspired by the long-running animal rescue work that the park is involved in. The story of the ship itself is that the riders race through the unpredictable arctic climate to save the animals that inhabit that region. SeaWorld wants visitors to understand that as climate change continues, the Arctic sea ice that many animals depend on for survival is melting, threatening the survival of many species.

When people get out of the riding area, they’ll go straight to the Wild Arctic exhibit, which is home to belugas, walruses, and a round seal, among others. The species most affected by sea loss in the Arctic.

Sea World San Diego Beluga
Credit: SeaWorld

The rescue was described by ARTIC Corporation Sea World San Diego as follows:

Arctic Rescue – Launch 2023

The fastest and longest roller coaster on the West Coast

It’s time to hop on your snowmobile and rescue! The ice is melting, poachers are lurking, and the animals of the Arctic are in danger. Join the team and feel the rush of the fastest and longest roller coaster on the West Coast: Arctic Rescue. It’s just at SeaWorld San Diego, your place for family-friendly rides.

SeaWorld San Diego Entrance
Credit: SeaWorld

Artic Rescue will be the sixth ship in the California theme park and the fourth major project in the past five years. SeaWorld has been on a coaster-building journey since 2018, with the opening of the Electric Eel, followed by the Tidal Twister in 2019 and The Emperor in 2022.

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