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Chloe Grace Moretz Family Guy meme: What’s the meaning?

When a photoshopped photo of Chloe Grace Moretz went viral, it became the subject of many memes across the internet.

Social media netizens have even gone so far as to compare the Tom and Jerry star to a character who appeared on Family Guy.


Chloë Grace Moretz’s manipulated photos have caused users to compare her to the character of Family Guy

What does Mimi Chloe Grace Moretz Family Guy mean?

On May 23, 2016, Chloe Grace Moretz was photographed on her way back to her hotel in New York City.

Since then, netizens have taken those pictures of Khloe and photoshopped her body.

The manipulated pictures make it look as if Chloe’s legs are longer than they actually are and her torso is smaller than it actually is.

The altered photos of the actress have caused Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit users to draw parallels between Chloë and Legs Go All the Way Up Griffin from the FOX cartoon Family Guy.

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In Family Guy gag that didn’t mention Chloë in the first place, Peter Griffin remembers his great-aunt and remembers how her legs reached her neck with no visible torso.

The comedy scene originally appeared in the episode titled Amish Guy, which first aired on November 27, 2011.

How did Chloe respond?

Years after Internet memes that looked like her first went viral, Khloe shared her feelings about the ordeal.

The Addams family representative said: hunger: “For a long time I was able to be the Chloë that people see and the Chloë that I am in private.

Most Read Memes On The Internet

“Then these two worlds collided and I felt really raw and fragile and open.

“Then came the onslaught of terrifying memes starting to get off my body.”

The star also shared: “I never really talked about this, but there was one meme that really affected me, and that was that I walked into a hotel with a pizza box in hand.

This image was manipulated into a character from Family Guy with long legs and short torso, and it was one of the most popular memes of the time.

Netizens likened Khloe to 'Peter Griffin's Aunt's Legs Go All The Way Up to Griffin'


Netizens likened Khloe to ‘Peter Griffin’s Aunt’s Legs Go All The Way Up to Griffin’credit: Fox

“Everyone was making fun of my body and I put it up with someone and they were like, ‘Oh, shut it up, it’s funny.'”

She added, “I just remember sitting there thinking, ‘My body is being used as a joke which is something I can’t change about who I am, and it’s being posted all over Instagram.

“It was something as nice as walking into a hotel with leftovers.

“To this day, when I see that meme, it’s very hard to beat.”

“I think body dysphoria, which we all deal with in this world, is extrapolated by social media issues. It’s headf**k,” said the People’s Choice Award winner.

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“I basically became aloof. It was great because I got away from the paparazzi and was able to be myself and have a lot of experiences that people didn’t film.

“At the same time, I was very concerned when pictures were taken of me.”

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