David Letterman Reveals His Embarrassing Attempt To Befriend Kevin Durant

“I’ve talked a lot over the years about how much I love Dave [Letterman]”About his impact on me as a comedian and talk show host,” Jimmy Kimmel said at the top of his Tuesday night show. “And Dave is here tonight to tell me to stop doing that. He feels uncomfortable about it.”

Yes, on his second consecutive show broadcasting from Brooklyn, New York, Kimmel welcomed his hero, David Letterman, into Jimmy Kimmel Live! a sofa. And Kimmel wasn’t exaggerating. Fellow host grew up late at night worshiping Letterman – joked about losing his virginity in bed Late Night with David Letterman Sheets—and continually sang praises to him while he shot his rival, Jay Leno, for the dark comedy machinations of behind the scenes regarding both Letterman and Conan O’Brien.

After discussing how Howard Stern apologized to him after years of ribbing, allowing the two to finally become friends, Letterman opened up about his close friendship with NBA star Kevin Durant. The athlete and the funnyman appeared on each other’s shows, with Letterman teasing Durant during a press conference for his series on Netflix My next guest needs no introduction.

“You spend enough time talking to someone about a variety of things, and closeness develops…and I felt that way about Kevin,” Letterman said. “Kevin is an amazing athlete and a wonderful, wonderful human being. He is always ecstatic.”

“He told me the first thing he does when he gets out of bed is he ignites a joint, and then he works. And I thought, Wow, like I have a twin,” the comic book added.

According to Letterman, after the two spoke on his show about a year ago, he felt “this warmth, this connection, this gratitude for a relationship here,” so the comedian went to Durant and said, “I want us to remain friends — because I think we can be friends.” And Durant said, “Yes, I agree with you.” And then, as Letterman recounted, the two hugged.

Then he recalled the time he texted Durant before the Brooklyn Nets season opener against the Celtics:

“Before a tip – because I have his text number – I text him, ‘Kevin, Dave… Good luck and have a great match, and congratulations on everything. And after the game is over, I get a text and go, Oh, it’s Kevin Durant! And he says, ‘Thanks, brother.’ I haven’t heard from him since!”

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