Larry Nance of the Pelicans reacts to Zion Williamson’s play during a fight

With the new NBA season approaching, Zion Williamson is guiding the elite level of play once again.

The Pelicans opened their training camp on Tuesday and Pelicans striker Larry Nance Jr. told reporters he was “impressed” with Williamson playing in a scrimmage.

Keep in mind that Williamson hasn’t played an NBA game in nearly 16 months.

“he is [Williamson] Nance said, in Andrew Lopez from ESPN. “He’s like a Z…. It’s not like none of us expect it right away but shoot, I gotta be honest with you, guy looks good. It’s going to take time for everyone to adjust to it. It’s going to take time to fit in with everyone, but It’s hard not to like him.”

During the team’s brawl on Tuesday night, Williamson did not appear to miss any of the shots on the ground. While the 2021 All-Star wasn’t aware until Nance mentioned him to him afterwards, it serves as a strong sign that the New Orleans star is back at his former level.

Reportedly, Pelicans coach Willie Green used the start of his predicted five-year streak during the brawl that involved Williamson, CJ McCollum, Brandon Ingram, Herb Jones and Jonas Valanciunas. As the team prepares for its second fight Wednesday night, Green said Williamson looked “amazing.”

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