Paris Fashion Week prepares for Balmain Fashion Festival

Paris Paris Fashion Week kicked off on Wednesday with performances from several fashion houses and a strong anticipation of the spectacular evening Balmain Fashion Festival – a star-studded charity gala featuring the latest fashions, audience members and secret celebrity shows.

Here are some of the highlights of Spring/Summer 2023.


For Courreges, a circular sand amphitheater shows a plume of falling sand at its center evoking the sands of time – or the movie “Dunes.” The uneasy and nerve-wracking musical rhythms in the soundtrack gave the show a sterile and brief spirit.

Courreges has become a brand that promotes the distinct mood on signature style, and designer Nicolas de Felice loves to infuse fashion.

Spring and summer fashion began playing the crisp white shirt, with an oversized shirt dress that carried the simple and sporty look well. The mannequins were sometimes barefoot or bare shoes. De Felice used the runway to bring a modern take on style—snips, keys, glossy space materials and deconstruction—to everyday items like a denim jacket, denim skirt, or baggy pants. For example, the sports jacket has been given a whimsical touch with its sheer material.

It’s an approach that works well with this generation-defining brand, founded in 1961 by Andre Courig and his wife Coquelin, that has become synonymous with a space-age aesthetic.

the art of calling

The age of email and growing environmental awareness doesn’t seem to have left much of a mark on the fashion industry’s outdated invite system.

Season after season, gas-guzzling carriers flock to Paris to present more elaborate, often handmade, show invitations in person.

Large homes compete for the most unusual or most creative idea that often carries an idea of ​​the theme of the amphitheater group.

To call Loewe, a bright red tropical flower came through the leaflet identified by the Floral Dictionary as anthurium. To keep the flower alive for the duration of Fashion Week, the lower part of the flower stem was attached to a fresh moisture capsule.

Meanwhile, Saint Laurent’s invitation was a stylish black leather wallet with a metallic “YSL” tag on top, with the display card hidden inside.

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