Roger Federer turned skeptics into fans

• Chris Almeida and I chatted on Friday about Roger Federer.

• You have likely seen this image, an instant classic, of Federer and Nadal following the match. To use what has become a musty cliché, “there’s so much to unpack here.” Quick story: while we were filming “Strokes of Genius” in 2018, Federer and Nadal, independently, made the same point about their rivalry, They were grateful for the presence of the other. Sure, with no Nadal, Federer likely would have won a few more majors. And with no Federer, Nadal likely would have won more majors. But ultimately, they elevated each other. They became benchmarks to each other. They forced the other to innovate and problem-solve and diversify. There was respect; there was affection; there was also this firm sense of gratitude. And this image encapsulated the richness of this relationship.

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