‘Abbott Elementary’ Season 2, Episode 2 Summary

Go fast, great master. there is new shark tank The judge in the city.

Abbott ElementaryThe gorgeous debut of season two last week was met with an equally hilarious second episode this week. While Sheryl Lee Ralph was easily a standout performer in the premiere, this episode highlighted Janelle James’ ability to lead her school ruthlessly — and with as much fanfare as possible, every time.

Abbott’s tutors, who traveled to the luxurious Schemansee Charter School in this episode, are still mad to learn of scholarship status. Janine (Quinta Bronson) sees how amazing life is on the other side of the world, then orders a computer for her young students. The kitchen needs more tools. You get the essence.

Fortunately, Ava (James) has the perfect way to delegate money. Employees agree to compete in Abbott’s special Trial version of shark tank—Both appear on the air on ABC, so I suppose we can call this a crossover episode — and confirm their projects in front of a panel of judges. Ava steps forward, and she is joined by doorman Mr. Johnson (William Stanford Davis) and her most attractive student, Courtney (Lella Hoffmeister).

For those unfamiliar, continue shark tank, aspiring entrepreneurs present their product idea to a group of wealthy investors. Mark Cuban, for example, is one of those judges (though he rarely invests). Occasionally, they’ll have guest sharks, like celebrity-turned-entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow. Although there are some fun fails, there are popular products featured on shark tank Bombas socks, Scrub Daddy and squatting toilet.

Nothing is as cool as Scrub Daddy taking land while Abbott Elementary, but the staff have some great ideas for school. Basketballs were unloaded in the gym. Mr. Johnson would like funding to become “007 cleaners”. And one of the teachers is pining for a pram for the school.

art shark tank It doesn’t lie in the actual products—though, at times, I find myself craving things like The Comfy—it lies in the sharks’ reactions to ideas. This is exactly what Abbott Elementary get it right shark tank, which is wonderful. Ava, Mr. Johnson, and Courtney didn’t like the practical need for more tongs in the cafeteria. However, they are intrigued by the idea of ​​that little cone cart.

Plural shark tank And the Abbott Elementary It opens up a whole world of opportunities for comedy show. stars Abbott Already visited Celebrity family feud (Unfortunately, they lost to a team hacks). But what if their characters played show games like Risk! or wheel of fortune? Imagine the chaos that would pass if Ava, Janine, Melissa and Barbara had their own version of the view. BSC Also airs on ABC – the possibilities are endless.

Ava agrees to give Janine money to buy a computer, which is shocking. But the moment she pledged to give the grant money, chaos broke out in the cafeteria. Dozens of mice roll under the tables, students and teachers jump over the tables to avoid being crushed by their feet.

this is The lunch lady said softly, as if this had been a problem for weeks.

Ava strips Janine of her money and cleans the cafeteria instead. Good. There is still enough money left for one more project; Ava chooses to offer one-day financing using the sno-cone cart. It’s Chekhov’s sno-cone: From the first mention, we knew this episode would feature Snow Cones in some road. It is a necessity.

Although ava shark tank After this scene, in person, I can watch hours of the trio going through school applications for money. Hell, I was even watching them on an actual episode of shark tank! Get Janelle James as a guest shark, and let her start bidding on alarm clocks and bacon cooking socks that come in sets of three. Or let Mark Cuban host Abbott shark tank re. Either way, it’s going to be a shout out.


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