Another home birth for Mykelti? Kristen Brown’s daughter reveals plans to give birth to her twins

Sister wives Mykelti Padron and husband Tony Padron are preparing to welcome their twin boys in a matter of weeks. Mykelti has just given birth to her first daughter, Avalon Asa Padron Sister wives Season 17 at home. In a pregnancy update, Mykelti revealed her plan to give birth to her twins in a rare update on her Instagram.

Tony and Micheletti Padron, “Sister Wives” | TLC

Mykelti gives birth to Avalon at home in ‘Sister Wives’ season 17

On the September 25 episode of sister wives, Kristen went to Utah to help her daughter Mykelti with the birth of her first child. The 26-year-old mother went through for the first time more than 24 hours of active labor during her drug-free home delivery at her home in St. George, Utah. With the help of her husband, Tony, her mother, Christine, and a midwife, her stepmother, fourth wife, Robin Brown, joined her via a video call.

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