‘Daily Show’ Biden rips a new one for dead congresswoman Jackie Walorsky’s screams

Lest anyone think that late-night television is still Trump’s banter more than a year and a half after he left office, Daily Show It took a few minutes on Wednesday to brutally mock President Joe Biden for an apparent search for a dead congresswoman in an audience event at the White House.

Host Trevor Noah began citing legislative and diplomatic victories: “After a shaky start to his presidency, Joe Biden has recently regained some of his weight.” People say Biden might have a really good chance of winning a second term in office. All he has to do, though, is avoid doing things like that! “

However, it cut the show into a very uncomfortable clip of Biden searching the crowd for Representative Jackie Wallorsky (Republic-In), who died in a car crash just last month. “Jackie, are you here? Where is Jackie?” he asked. “You shouldn’t be here.”

“No Joe, what are you doing?!” Noah said in response. “Not appropriate at all.” He added that Biden’s explanation “didn’t help,” joking that the president was actually looking for Jackie Kennedy.

The actual explanation from White House press secretary Karen-Jean-Pierre, who dodged reporters’ questions about the incident and said the late congresswoman was simply “at the top of the president’s interests” for the president, wasn’t much better.

“Look, I think on the upside, at least notice it wasn’t there,” Noah added, explaining that it could have been “much worse” if Biden had referred to it.

And while “a lot of people say this is another example of Biden’s brain fog,” the host said, “if anything, it makes Biden a better president.”

“Think about how hard he has worked to keep Americans safe, knowing that Osama bin Laden is still out there somewhere,” he joked.

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