Ellen Pompeo lost her on her team when they first showed her Grey’s Anatomy

Ellen Pompeo made a fortune thanks to instinct anatomy. It remains to be seen how the show might be without her, as there are rumors that the actress is slowly stepping back from her role.

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In fact, despite her success on the long-running series, Ellen Pompeo didn’t want to do anything with the script when her team first introduced it.

Pompeo needed to impress her team, as her focus was solely on making it into the film industry, wanting to steer clear of TV gigs. We’ll take a look at how she was finally convinced and why she declined in the first place.

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Ellen Pompeo had high hopes of becoming a major movie star

“I kept saying we need a girl like the one in the Moonlight Mile,” these were the words from Shonda Rhimes during the selection process, even though she knew little, this would become a reality in the future.

At the time of the film, Ellen Pompeo was determined to pursue a career in cinema, while staying away from television projects.

side by side The Hollywood ReporterPompeo will reveal that too She was receiving huge acclaim from the big names early on. “Sam Mendes, Steven Spielberg, Warren Beatty,” she said aloud to Pompeo after her role in 2002’s Flick.

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Despite the high praise, Eileen’s career seemed to be on hold, with roles in recklesswhile also picking up a bit of a classic cult Old school.

Because of her career path, Pompeo was forced to get into a project that she didn’t want to do anything with, but in fact, she completely changed her career as a TV drama icon.

Ellen Pompeo wasn’t happy with the script of Grey’s Anatomy given that she hadn’t been interested in playing the same role for years

It might be hard to believe these days, however, at some point, Pompeo’s team needed to convince the actress to attend a party instinct anatomy the test. In fact, she had no intention of doing so and initially criticized the show.

“I was like, ‘I’m not going to be stuck in a medical show for five years,'” she remembered alongside The Hollywood Reporter.

“Have you lost your mind? I’m an actress.”

She was finally convinced to try out the role, given her financial situation. It was considered a way to pay bills.

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The role obviously changed her career and put her on the map among the elite of TV drama actresses.

Along the way, not only did her fame continue to grow, but she also saw a massive increase in wages, making her among the highest-paid stars of all of television.

Ellen Pompeo has made a fortune thanks to her longevity with Grey’s Anatomy

With his current net worth of $80 million, it’s clear that Pompeo is no longer struggling to pay the rent. Her financial situation completely changed when the star renegotiated her contract, which was settled at $20 million per season.

according to The Hollywood Reporter, Shonda Rhimes told Pompeo to value her and ask the show exactly that. The model mentioned that had she not approached them, no deal would have been made.

“Define what you think you deserve and then ask what you think you deserve. Nobody is going to give it to you,” Reims told the actress.

THR She also revealed details of her new deal, which includes a lot of bonuses as well, “It will make Pompeo’s new deal earn over $20 million a year – $575,000 per episode, along with a seven-figure signing bonus and two full points of back equity on the series, which It is estimated to bring in another 6 to 7 million dollars.”

“You will also get production fees as well as the backend for this spring grey as well as placing test commitments and office space for her production company Calamity Jane at Disney’s Burbank Collection.”

Despite her pay and legacy in television, The actress remains as humble as ever when it comes to her profession.

“I don’t find acting a particularly noble way to make a living. I don’t save anyone’s life, I’m not a teacher, I don’t work for UNICEF. I don’t think I’m a big deal.”

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