Fans say Disney “pimp” and Disneyland “prostitute” guests can’t stop seeing

Many fans are unhappy with the recent changes to Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort. Paid Fastpass+ alternatives, Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane, have been described by some as a “trap” and likened to gambling.

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This week, a fan of Disney Parks Requested Others reason that they are unwilling to criticize or stand up to price increases and unfavorable changes by The Walt Disney Company. “I don’t see enough of it, you can love Disney and what it means to you and what you make of it while also acknowledging that it’s a very bad company,” they wrote.

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A Disneyland Resort fan, Reddit user u/pementomento, made a bizarre but famous show metaphor That took over the fan community:

Disneyland is like a high-end prostitute, run by an abusive pimp, and has a drug addiction.

Clients don’t necessarily support this lifestyle, drug habit, or how the pimp treats it, but they go anyway because they enjoy the experience and have the money to do it.

They are transactions. People are not there to make political statements or other judgments. It’s just about fun and price. People don’t want to “stand up to Disney” (by not participating in the deal) because the deal still makes sense.

When a deal stops making sense, people will stop. For a small minority, this has already happened.

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The comment got many upvotes and responses Like “perfect comparison”.

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“I have chosen to stop doing business with some companies that I do not agree with (or have never given my business in in the first place), but others still give out my business as well even as I openly criticize malpractice,u/Objective-Ad5620 answered. “…No matter how hard we try to make ethical consumer decisions, surely something in the process is probably problematic, harmful or exploitative. So at the end of the day we just have to decide what makes sense for us.”

Do you support Disney’s current business practices?

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