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Funniest moments that were meant to be serious

Jack’s realistic decision that the sim character should be British makes perfect sense.

Harry Styles thinks he’s got it all in Don’t Worry Baby.

Warner Bros.

Styles, an accomplished British musician who got his start as a member of the band One Direction, has quite a few acting credits: guest-starred as himself in an episode of Nickelodeon’s “I Carly”, played a soldier in Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk,” and appeared as Eros in the final credits scene. For Marvel’s Eternals.

In “Don’t Worry Baby,” Jack’s simulation is charming and British. When the film’s plot is revealed, the audience learns that in the real world, it’s a 29-year-old American who lives in a bad apartment and listens to Frank’s teachings on the computer while Alice, the surgeon, works long shifts in the hospital.

Styles only speaks briefly with an American accent in the film, during flashbacks – which seemed like an intentional way to disguise the budding actor’s weak American accent.

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